Brad Stevens Basketball Quotes: Mindset Is Everything

Brad Stevens has become one of the most respected coaches among his peers and players. He has a unique approach to the game and his philosophies have gotten his players to really buy into the team aspect of the game.

How Yale Basketball is Innovating with Dr. Dish

When Yale University purchased a basketball shooting machine from Dr. Dish Basketball, the features they were most excited about were the analytical capabilities.  We recently sat down with the Men's Head Basketball Coach, James Jones, and talked...

Basketball Drills: Chris Paul Change of Pace Shooting

Coach Mason here bringing you another great Dr. Dish Drill of the Week! This week we are focusing on change of pace scoring and some different options players have out of it. Chris Paul is best known for his playmaking ability, unique moves, and...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Drive and Kick with Mike Lee

We were thrilled at Dr. Dish Basketball to have Skills Trainer Mike Lee of Thrive 3 Basketball come into the Dish Lab to go through some excellent drive and kick drills! 

Basketball Quotes: Prepare to Win like Bobby Knight

by Jefferson Mason | Jan 11, 2017 | Basketball Quotes

To be a successful team and player, you need more then skill and athleticism. Great players must be able to think the game, be willing to prepare, be focused, and consistent with what they do. Both coaches and players need to make sure to...

Basketball Drills: James Harden Hesitation Scoring

Dr. Dish Basketball is thrilled to bring you another great drill this week! This week we will focus on using the high ball screen basketball drills and some offensive options you have with it. 

Basketball Coaching: 4 Ways to Stay Positive During a Tough Season

by Nick Bartlett | Jan 09, 2017 | Basketball Coaching

You and your players are giving it their all and adjusting your strategy to combat challenges. Unfortunately, it’s still a rough season. Failure is a natural part of basketball and basketball coaching. There is a profound frustration in falling...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Corner Wing Shooting Drill

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great team drill. It's the time of the year where coaches are tightening up practices and really focusing on sharpening skills. This time of the year is when coaches are beginning to know the...

Basketball Quotes: Enthusiasm and Positivity Leads to Success

by Jefferson Mason | Jan 05, 2017 | Basketball Quotes

The excitement of a new season can be a mixture of positive and uneasy feelings for players and coaches. A new season brings the opportunity for change and a new start. It only takes a few games into the season to see mentally and physically...

Basketball Shooting Drills: Advanced Team Drills

Dr. Dish Basketball was fortunate enough to have several former college and professional players come into the Dish Lab to put in some work. We were able to do several team shooting drills and also were able to get some competitive play in as...


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