Checking in With The Winner of the 1st 2017 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes!

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we wanted to start 2017 off with a bang! That's why we launched our first 2017 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes. We already had hundreds of entries from clinics and events that we attended last year. However, we opened the Sweepstakes...

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: 5 Star Shooting Workout

Dr. Dish Basketball  is excited to bring you our first Skill Builder workout. Skill Builder allows coaches and trainers to create or select complete workouts that can be shared to players through our mobile app. Shooting stats are then saved and...

3 Ways to Handle Nerves at the End of the Season

by Nick Bartlett | Feb 20, 2017 | Maximize Your Season

The season is wrapping up and your team is fighting for the best possible spot in the post-season, or perhaps you’re simply trying to make the post-season. Your players are aware that the stakes are high, just as you are. It’s difficult not to...

An Inside Look Inside Coach Mason's Dunks and Motivation

Coach Mason here with Dr. Dish Basketball! I want to first say I appreciate all the love social media wise I have received about some of the dunks I've done in the past and even the ones I have done here at the Dish Lab. Dunking has evolved over...

Basketball Drills: Stephen Curry's Favorite Combo Move

Dr. Dish Basketball is excited to bring you another great basketball drill. One of the most exciting players in the game now is Stephen Curry. He has the ability to light any team up from anywhere on the court and he has to be guarded as soon as...

Dr. Dish Basketball visits Pat The Roc Skills Academy

Dr. Dish Basketball and Coach Mason were able to take a trip out to Rockville, Maryland and had a chance to visit with Pat The Roc about his basketball career and what continues to motivate him. Pat is always on the look out for innovative ways...

Benefits of the Dr. Dish Training Management System Featuring the New Skill Builder

Coaches and Trainers around the world are always looking for the best solutions when it comes to training their players efficiently. Time, rules and regulations are often obstacles many coaches face throughout the year. Basketball has become a...

Dr. Dish Basketball Unveils Skill Builder

BLOOMINGTON, MN (2/10/17) – Dr. Dish Basketball has bolstered their reputation as the most complete basketball training solution on the market today by announcing the release of their new product, Skill Builder.

Basketball Drills: 1-on-1 with Pat The Roc

Dr. Dish Basketball had the opportunity to put in work at Pat The Roc Skills Academy this past weekend. We were able to talk with the hoops legend at length about his career and also his skills academy.

Basketball Shooting Drills: Team Closeout Drills

Dr. Dish Basketball proudly presents another great Drill of the Week! This week we focused on stunting the offensive drive and closing out to the shooter on the kick out. 


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