3 Reasons to Buy a Dr. Dish Before the Season

The school year is back underway which means basketball is right around the corner! That also means that Dr. Dish has some great back to school deals, so now is the perfect time to get a Dr. Dish! I've have compiled a quick list of some of the...

Is a Shooting Machine Really THAT Expensive?


14 Fundraising Ideas for your Program

Everyone has their own way to arrange fundraisers for their team. Everyone has heard of, or participated in selling candy bars or various foods, calling all your friends and family to ask for a donation or other time consuming, low overhead...

How Western High School Fundraised for their Dr. Dish & How They're Making Money off of it

We hear it nearly every day: "It's just not in the budget for us to purchase a basketball shooting machine this year."

Basketball Fundraising: 4 Tips When Asking Your Booster Club for Funds

Getting support from your basketball program’s booster club can be a complex dance, so it's wise to learn the steps before taking to the floor. Though you may be confident the club will grant you the money you need, you also know how difficult it...

The "F" Word...4 Steps To Effective Basketball Fundraising

One of the main differences between many championship teams and teams that lag behind is one thing… Not having the resources.

Resources could be basketball training equipment, new basketballs, jerseys, warm ups and so many more things. So what’s...

The Future of Basketball Fundraising

by Adam Pan | Sep 21, 2015 | Fundraising

We know it: Basketball Fundraising is stressful. You need to make your program better, but you can't get the money to buy the training tools necessary to build a successful program. 

Raising Money for Basketball Training Equipment.. Coach Vera Tells All

by Nick Bonko | May 14, 2015 | Dr. Dish, Fundraising

I think that it’s safe to say, after speaking with coaches from all over the world, that 99% of them have one thing in common… They want to provide their program with the best basketball training equipment on the market to gain an edge over the...


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