Basketball Training Equipment: Increase Your Player's Endurance

by Nick Bonko, on May 15, 2015 11:45:57 AM

It’s something that happens every year. The beginning of the season is fast approaching and one of your players comes up to you excited with their mix of this year’s practice and pre-game music. We’ve all been there, and my gut tells me you may have a few CD’s laying around dating back to the senior class of 2003.


There are plenty of coaches out there that feel that kids bringing in their tunes on their iPhone’s or CD’s can be a distraction. Not to mention the fact that some of the music they play may not be what you want to listen to… (I’ve been there many times!)


tumblr_lt8ccukZuE1qks9rho1_500 However, I’m here to tell you that playing tunes, while your team practices or when players work out on their own, can increase endurance by up to 15%! Think about that number for a moment… that means a player can endure through 15% more drills, which in turn means they’ll take more reps.


There are a few cool scientific studies that support this “15%” number. For example, one study published found that basketball players who perform poorly under pressure during games were significantly better during high-pressure free-throw shooting if they listened to catchy, upbeat music and lyrics in practice.


The reason? Researchers found that the music distracted the players (in a very good way) from negative external distractions (people yelling) and from over thinking about the physical process of shooting. The music was essentially a placeholder in the player’s mind that allowed for them to focus less on over thinking and more on making the shot. You can find the full article of this study and more info by clicking here.


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