4 Signs Your Basketball Shooting Gun is Out of Date

outdated.jpgIt's been a long practice and you're relatively happy with how things went today. But you sometimes wonder to yourself if the equipment you use is out of date and how that might be affecting your team?
Take your basketball shooting gun for example. I mean, it gets the job done right? Even though the machine stopped rotating a few years back, you and your and AD talked about it and you haven't seen a lot of change in the basketball shooting gun market.
So why would you update...?
This question has plagued many and up until a few years ago there was not a good answer. 
Today, here are 4 things to look out for:

1. It's not programmable.

In today's day and age its becoming more and more important to utilize the technology available to you. Most of the new machines allow you to track your player's shooting in practice. This tells you where the shooter is hot and where they need improvement. This is where programability is essential in your shooting machine.
Many are familar with the Gun 6000. This machine will spray balls all around the perimeter with no purpose. Lets call this "dumb passing." With a machine that is programmable, you can select where on the court you want your player to work based on where he needs improvement, or where you having him taking the most shots in a game based on your offense. This is "smart passing" and smart training.

2. Your players are not shooting with a purpose.

We are big on this at Dr. Dish. We design every product with this in mind. Stop shooting just to shoot! If you require that your players get up shots on The Gun, then you should make them shoot for a goal. A good way to do this is by programming the machine to keep going until your players make a certain number of shots (ex: 100, 200, 500). This option is built right into the Dr. Dish to help keep players accountable. This feature is not possible with the Gun 6000 or Gun 8000.

3. You're only training the outside game.

Did you know on average 64% of shots during a game are taken from the inside? That number suggests it's still very important to work on your 2 point shots. The Dr. Dish All-Star is the ONLY basketball shooting machine designed with a swivel net system to move away from the basket and take passes from the perimeter to the inside. With this feature you can get meaningful reps with your post players and simulate game-like passes. Neither The Gun 6000 or 8000 allow for the same type of versatilty. If your machine can't deliver a game-like pass it's time to replace it. 

4. Players hate setting it up.

Do you wish your player would be more excited to use your shooting gun? Maybe they would use it more if it was lightweight and easy to set up. Better yet, what if the machine connected to the players smart phone to track stats? They could then share their workout summary on social media! The Dr. Dish is over 100lbs lighter then the Gun 6000 or 8000 and the Dr. Dish Pro and All-Star models include an app for your smart phone to track detailed stats. These stats can now be automatically uploaded to the Dr. Dish Training Management System to track progress.
So if you own a Gun 6000 or 8000 - even if you just bought it yesterday - it is out of date! At Dr. Dish, we're committed to providing coaches and players the absolute best technology at the best price to help accelerate player development at a faster rate than ever. See why these basketball shooting machine users switched to Dr. Dish!
If you're thinking about getting a new basketball shooting machine, you should ask these 5 questions!
What to Ask when Buying a Shooting Machine
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