Basketball Drills: How To Dominate The Post

towns post.jpgThe game of basketball is evolving and the players are the catalyst for it. Basketball has slowly become more of a positionless sport and players are now capable of doing much more than what was even thought possible 20 years ago. This is amazing for the game but oftentimes players forget to work on their fundamentals and becoming multi-faceted. 

Young players don't always understand there is a starting point for everything you learn in the game. Too many times we see young players trying to do what NBA players do without practicing the pieces that come before this. In the video below, I break down the basic steps needed to propel your post play. This is an awesome foundation to build on and will help you become a dominant player in the post moving forward. 

Also, keep in mind that the Dr. Dish All-Star is the ONLY shooting machine on the market designed to train the post as well as perimeter training. 

Note: These fundamentals and basketball drills apply to ALL players and not just "big" players. Many guards like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan also were GREAT post players.


How To Dominate The Post with Dr. Dish



Mastering Your Quick Move

Every post and wing player should have a quick go to move. This move is usually simple in nature and used quite often. It's important to practice different situations when you train so that you can master you quick move. If you can get to a point where your quick move is second nature, it will be hard for any opposing defense to stop you. The best part is being able to use a counter eventually when you master your initial quick move. In the video above, I show a quick go to move in the post. The jump hook shot is extremely hard to guard especially when you use it properly. This move is quick and can be done on both sides of the floor. This move usually catches your defender off-guard because its a quick decision and will help you get a couple easy baskets.

Set Up Dribble Into Quick Move

Once you have mastered you quick move down low you can add in a set up dribble to spice things up a bit. The set up dribble will get your defender moving a bit and oftentimes they will be a bit off balance. If you've done your quick move several times, switch it up and add in the set up dribble. The set up dribble is a quick dribble the opposite way of where you want to do your move. When you use the set up dribble, you can sometimes continue in that direction for a direct score. This usually only happens when the defender is out of position or being lazy. Typically your defender will try to slide over and stop your progress. At this moment is when you spin back into your quick move. 


The last part is incorporating your counter-move. It's important to be very comfortable in all situations with your quick move before you start to use the counter move. When your defender truly respects your go-to move, they will have to react to the subtle movements and fakes you do. This makes the counter move even more hard to guard and usually it will equal an easy basket. The counter move I used was the simple up and under. Make sure you are really selling the fake on your quick move and then you're going to step around you defender for the quick finish.

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