Basketball Drills: Lift Fake Punch Side Step with Jordan Lawley

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we've been fortunate to work with many of the top basketball trainers in the game to create complete workouts for our Training Management System (TMS). Currently in the TMS, we have our "Super Seven" trainers that we feature.

One of our Super Seven trainers is Jordan Lawley who trains players of all levels from middle school up to NBA at his facility in Irvine, California. He's an avid Dr. Dish user and we were able to visit Jordan a few months ago to capture some great drills and concepts of his that he uses with his players. 

In this drill, Jordan uses his Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket to deliver a game location pass. After catching the pass, he performs his Lift Fake into a Punch Side Step. This is just one of the "Lift Fake" Progressions. Check it out below!



To see more progressions of the Lift Fake, more workouts from Jordan, and workouts from the rest of the Super Seven Trainers, visit this page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call at 888-887-7453. 

With our Training Management System and Skill Builder programs, we're extremely excited to bring you much more than just a shooting machine. Coaches, players, and trainers now have training expertise at their fingertips from some of the top trainers in the world!

To watch more basketball drills and videos featuring the Dr. Dish shooting machines, click here.


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