Basketball Drills: Reaction Shooting with Midwest 3 on 3

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we're very fortunate to work with some of the best basketball coaches and trainers in the world!

Recently, we had Coach Pat Freeman of Midwest 3 on 3 join us in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a few of his favorite drills using Dr. Dish. Pat has incredible basketball training experience been working with youth basketball players for over 15 years.

In the drill below, Pat shows how you can use Dr. Dish to work on reactionary shooting and force players to shoot off the move when receiving a pass that's not right in their shot pocket.

Watch the breakdown below!

In this drill, the players start with their back to the basketball as well as the Dr. Dish. Once they hear the ball being passed out they will locate where the ball is traveling. They must move their entire body to meet the pass and remain on balance as they catch and shoot. Again, this is a great way to simulate a game scenario and force players to execute in uncomfortable situations.

The two locations selected on the Dish are locations 9 and 13. We also put the Dish on "Streak Mode" of 1. This means that it will pass to the same location until one of the players makes a shot. Then it will rotate to the next other spot. This allows for some randomness in the passes and keeps the players on their toes!

For countless more basketball drills and complete workouts, click here! And always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!


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