Basketball Drills: Rip Pull Up Series with Positionless Basketball

We're back in the Dish Lab with another great drill from Coach Jordan Petersen at Positionless Basketball! We take pride in working with great partners who bring innovative basketball drills and ideas with how they incorporate Dr. Dish in their practices and training sessions.

It's both ours and Positionless Basketball's goal to build complete players who aren't confined to one position. As the game evolves, it's important to evolve your training to create players who can shoot, pass, handle the ball, and make decisions in multiple situations. 

The drill below focuses on reading the defender to create an open shot off the bounce. This is a great drill to work on in a small group or team settting to utilize Dr. Dish shooting machines!

Utilize this drill during your practices to work on multiple skills. But remember that no drill is great unless you focus on the fundamentals and execute with complete focus.

For more basketball drills and videos featuring the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machines, click here. And always make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!


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