Basketball Drills: Screen and Pop Actions with Bre Salley

At Dr. Dish Basketball we are very excited to welcome Coach Bre Salley to the Dr. Dish Family!

As stated in the video above, Coach Salley is a former Division 1 and professional player who now serves as the Senior Basketball Academy Coordinator for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx. She has tremendous experience with basketball playing, training, and coaching and we're thrilled to have her on board to create unique content.

Check out the first drill breakdown from Bre below! There are two great basketball drills and applications within the video.

In the first drill, Coach Salley simulates a shallow cut off of a dribble entry into a back screen. After the back screen, she pops for an open jumper. There are multiple options off of the catch in this situation.

In the 2nd drill, she simulates a flex screen for the opposite post player and then pops to the free throw line area for a catch and shoot opportunity.

In both scenarios, setting solid screens are essential to maximizing the effectiveness!

Again, we're thrilled to have Coach Salley on board the Dr. Dish family! Stay tuned for more great basketball drills and breakdowns from her.

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