Basketball Drills: Triple Move Ball Handling with Jordan Lawley

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It's been a blast for us at Dr. Dish Basketball to continue working with many of the top basketball trainers in the world! Recently, we were able to travel out to Irvine, California to visit our partner Jordan Lawley and create some epic content.

In the drill below, we utilize the patented swivel net technology with our Dr. Dish All-Star to work on advanced ball handling. With the machine away from the basket, it is now simulating a passer. 

Check out the innovative drill series that Jordan showcases below!

As one can see, this is a great way to work on ball handling, catching the ball with one hand, and passing. Jordan offers a few great tips such as snapping the wrists for a crisp pass. As you become more proficient with the drills, make sure to challenge yourself and continue to add wrinkles to tighten your handles and passing ability!

For more basketball drills and videos featuring Jordan and our other great partners, click here.

And always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose! Let's get it, baby!


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