Continuous Lift Shooting with Jordan Delp

We were very fortunate to have Jordan Delp of our partners at Pure Sweat Basketball stop by the Dish Lab to demonstrate a ton of great game-like basketball drills that you can utilize on Dr. Dish shooting machines.

In this video, Jordan breaks down the "Continuous Lift" action where we're simulating a middle drive and the player in the corner lifts up to the wing to receive an open jump shot. 

Check out the full breakdown below!


This action is simulating the off-ball defender helping uphill. If the shooter in the corner stays in the corner, the angle of the pass will be extremely difficult for the passer to make. By lifting to the wing, it gives the passer an easier look for an open jumper.
The goal of 10 makes in 90 seconds is a solid baseline goal for high school players. With every drill you do, you should have a goal and track your progress as you continue to execute the drill over and over again. This is easy with the goal setting feature within Dr. Dish machines and our Training Management System!
As you can see, this is a simple but very purposeful drill. There are a ton of different options out of this option and make sure to work both sides of the floor. It's also important that the driver and passer develops great habits by attacking hard downhill and delivering a solid pass every time.

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