Corner Lift Shooting with Coach Nick of BballBreakdown

It's been a blast working with some great basketball minds in the Dish Lab this summer. Recently, we had Coach Nick of Bballbreakdown stop by the Lab to run through some great basketball drills and concepts. Coach Nick has been a great friend of ours for a couple years now and continues to put out incredible content on his YouTube Channel

In this video, Coach Nick breaks down the Corner Lift action. This has become an action we've all seen much more of as the rise of the pick and roll continues to take over the game at all levels.

Check out the breakdown below!

Anytime there is a side pick and roll towards the middle of the floor with a player in the strong-side corner, they should always lift from the corner to provide separation from their defender who is likely going to help on the roll man. Oftentimes, this leaves the player who is lifting to the wing from the corner wide open for a 3 point jumper. It's essential for wings to practice this action so their footwork is on point when they hit game time!

Coach Nick also explains many intricacies within this action. There are different ways to practice the footwork but it's critical to be comfortable with your shot and ready to shoot as soon as you catch the ball. 

Coach Nick also mentions the Dr. Dish Training Management System and how important it is to track your progress as you work towards becoming better shooters and better teams overall. With our Training Management System you can create team and individual goals to hit to ensure that you are working hard AND with a purpose.

Stay tuned for more content coming from Coach Nick and Dr. Dish!

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