Road to the NBA: RBA sports and Technology Showcase

Dr. Dish Basketball was fortunate to be able to attend the RBA Sports and Technology Showcase in New York City this summer. This showcase is an opportunity for players to show their skill set in front of numerous NBA and European scouts. Every player attending the showcase was able to go through extensive physical and mental testing utilizing the technology at the event. Dr. Dish shooting machines were one of the resources provided to players in preparation for the event and from the way players performed you could tell the shooting machine had been utilized!

Two players that stuck out were Daniel Dixon and Luke Petrasek. Both players had successful college careers and are on the verge of carving out roster spots in the NBA. Dr. Dish has had the chance to help train and give both these players a competitive advantage using our Training Management System workouts on our shooting machines. These players were able to get up a ton of reps this summer training at Basketball City in New York. Professional players all over the country have traveled to Basketball City for camps, clinics and other events along with training at the state of the art facility.

Check out the highlight videos of both Daniel and Luke below as we followed them this past year in their journey to the NBA!


 We want to thank RBA once again for allowing us to be apart of this amazing event and we want to thank all the players that took the time to give us amazing feedback on our Training Management System and shooting machine. This summer has truly been a blast for Dr. Dish especially helping out with the pre-draft process all over the country.

If you are looking to give your team a competitive edge, be sure to check out our website where you'll find more information on our shooting machines along with a wealth of basketball content as well!


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