Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Pinch Post Away from the Basket

We are very excited to unveil our FIRST Skill Builder workout video featuring the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket!

In case you haven't heard, Dr. Dish Training Management System users can now design complete workouts in Skill Builder with the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basketThis is another revolutionary innovation that continues to take game-like training to the next level! 

In this video, Coach Mason goes through a pinch post progression from the elbow areas and combines the shooting drills with a couple of conditioning and defensive drills to build a complete Skill Builder workout. Check it out below!


Elbow shooting

This is also known as the "pinch post" area, but is a common place for both guards and post players to catch and attack from. In order to be completely effective, it's important to be able to turn, face, and knock down the jump shot. Once the defense is forced to respect the jump shot, it opens up many other options like the pump fake and jab step to create more scoring opportunities.

The beauty of bringing the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket is that it allows for a more game-like pass from the top of the key. This completely changes the footwork and actually simulates what players will see in a game situation.


One of the best features of our Skill Builder platform is that players are able to work on more than just shooting drills. The "Rim Taps" are a great way for players to work on their conditioning as well as jumping ability. Also, the defensive slides and sprints to the sideline work on multiple skills like conditioning, staying low, and footwork.


As with any basketball drill or workout, make sure to push yourself and go game speed. And remember, you can build your own away from the basket Skill Builder workout in the Dr. Dish Training Management System.

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