How Texas A&M is Training Their Post Players With Dr. Dish

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When it comes to basketball shooting machines, most coaches, trainers, and players think of using them under the hoop to gather makes and misses and pass back to the perimeter for jump shots. While this is definitely the most conventional way to get more reps than ever, it neglects a very important part of the game: Post play!

This is why Texas A&M Basketball recently chose to train with the Dr. Dish All-Star. With the patented swivel net technology on the All-Star, the machine is designed for both outside AND inside training. See how it works here!

"We've only used shooting machines in the past for perimeter players. When I heard that the Dr. Dish All-Star was designed to also deliver passes from away the basket, I knew it would be a valuable asset for our post players as well."

- Billy Kennedy, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Texas A&M

While the outside game is exploding at all levels with more 3 point shots than ever, training the inside game and finishing around the rim the is still essential. With many games coming down to one or two possessions, layups and finishing through contact can be a huge difference maker in determining wins and losses.

And with the Dr. Dish All-Star, players can receive game location passes and train by themselves in the off-season. It also allows coaches and teammates to focus on coaching and defending rather than making the entry pass. Coach Kennedy recognizes this value and sees how it will benefit Texas A&M Basketball for years to come.

"The versatility of the Dr. Dish All-Star helps our coaches focus on coaching the details especially with our post players. And in the off-season we now know that our post players are able to get up just as many reps as our perimeter players as well." 

As the game evolves, basketball training equipment is as well. If you aren't training with Dr. Dish, you're missing out on training the inside game as well as many other capabilities and features that can take your program to the next level! Join Texas A&M and countless other programs that have upgraded to Dr. Dish for their competitive advantage.

"There's no doubt that upgrading to the Dr. Dish was the right decision for our program. We look forward to using it for years to come at College Station."

We'd like to thank Coach Billy Kennedy for taking the time to chat with us and look forward to cheering on the Aggies this season and beyond!

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