The #1 Thing Missing From Your Basketball Practice Plan

Basketball Shooting Practice

As coaches, we strive to make the most of our time with our student-athletes. It's important for us to fit everything into each basketball practice plan so we feel completely prepared.

Now, imagine you just finished your practice. You trained your players hard for 2 straight hours covering your entire practice plan including...

-Warm up & stretching -Offensive strategies and sets
-Ball Handling & Passing -Defensive drill and concepts
-Rebounding and toughness drills -Out of bounds plays
-Guard and post drill work -Upcoming opponent scout
-Scrimmaging -Conditioning

You feel like you’ve accomplished a lot today.

Except one thing.

Your players barely got up any quality shooting repetitions!

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in today’s practices. Drew Hanlen of Pure Sweat Basketball conducted research and found that, on average, high school players only shoot 32 shots per hour of practice time.

That simply won’t cut it. We know that being prepared is important, but if your players don’t have confidence in their shot it will be very difficult to win consistently.

In an ideal world, you could tell your players to get up a few hundred shots on their own time and trust that they will do so at game speed. However, this is not realistic and also runs the risk of burning them out.

Wouldn't it be nice to put in your entire practice plan AND allow your players to keep their jump shot fresh without practicing for hours on end?

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines allow you to practice shooting much more efficiently. Instead of your players casually shooting around before or after practice, they will shoot with a PURPOSE.

Dr. Dish also offers much more than just your standard Basketball Shooting Machine. With mobile app shot tracking capabilities and a patented post-entry swivel net system, you won’t find a more versatile machine on the market.

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