Is a Shooting Machine Really THAT Expensive?


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Many parents spend thousands of dollars over the course of their child’s playing career in training, gear, travel etc. Sometimes we hear that parents do not want to spend the money to get a shooting machine because they are sending their child to a private trainer. Although, when you break it down a Dr. Dish has the potential to be a time and money saving option in the long run.

One thing to remember with the Dr. Dish SMART machines is you get access to our constantly growing library of videos from our partner NBA trainers in our Training Management System. Currently we have seven pro trainers and over 120 videos from trainers who have trained players such as Joel Embiid, Zach LaVine, Isaiah Thomas, Kawai Leonard and Andrew Wiggins.

So Let's Break It Down

On average a private training session will cost you $40. Let's say your child attends three times a week, totalling to $120 per week. Do the math: that adds up to $6,240 a year on training - not including the gas or time it takes to get there. Consider how quickly that cost will add up if you send your child to a trainer for a couple years.

Although the price of a Dr. Dish changes based on promotions, whether or not you have a trade in and various other factors you end will end up saving a ton of money even after one year!

The Dr. Dish Pro and the Dr. Dish All-Star are considered SMART machines, which means they have access to our Training Management System (TMS) and Skill Builder.

TMS is where we house workouts from our "Super Seven" trainers; Drew Hanlen, DJ Sackmann, Jordan Lawley, Pat the Roc, Jefferson Mason, Joe Abunassar and Mike Dunn. We are constantly working to add more content to bring our Dr. Dish family to help players grow and become more well rounded players.

Skill Builder allows you to customize your workouts to play to your strength and work on your weaknesses, allowing you to make the most of your time on the court.

In addition to the money saving options, you also have more versatility with a shooting machine at your home. You are not limited based on what time it is and whether or not the facility is open, whether or not it is a holiday, conflicts in your personal schedule. Having a machine at your house allows your child to train at all hours, any day of the week, even if you want to have friends over for a barbecue.

Dr. Dish, as mentioned, runs different promotions month to month so a shooting machine is closer than you think!



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