Skills and Drills – Michigan 2 Guard Offense with Dr. Dish

"Skills and Drills - Michigan 2 Guard Offense" by Aseem Rastogi was originally published by our partners at FastModel Sports.
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Dr. Dish drills for Michigan’s 2-Guard Offense

The versatility of the Michigan 2-Guard offense was on full display during the Big 10 and NCAA tournaments as the Wolverines made a march to the Sweet 16. The offense features numerous scoring options, and creates mismatches on both sides of the floor. These drills are designed as a basis for getting the most reps possible from your Dr. Dish to drill the scoring options from the Michigan 2-Guard offense. As always, when using the Dr. Dish, use drills that are tailored to your offensive actions – confidence comes from competence!

2 Player Breakdown – Pindown Action

At the heart of Michigan’s 2-Guard Offense is great spacing, quick reversals, and strong pindown screens into wing 3 point shots.

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Using Dr. Dish, you can easily start small with a 2 player pindown shooting drill.

Michigan FastModel #2.png

Location: 10
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Tempo: 4
Balls Per Location: Unlimited


4 Player Breakdown – Pindown Action

The base pindown action easily translates to a team drill, using 4 players at a time.

Michigan FastModel #3.png

Tempo: 5
Locations: 5 and 15
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Balls per location: 2

Pinch Post Breakdown

One of the most difficult to guard actions out of Michigan’s offense is the use of the pinch post. Within the offense, 5 may set a backscreen for a guard and then receive a pass at the high post. Michigan then runs guards off the pinch post, looking for handoff and reversal to a shooter receiving a pindown screen.

Michigan FastModel #4.png

This action is easily simulated in a drill using Dr. Dish.

Michigan FastModel #5.png

Location: 5 and 15
Goal: Make 20 on each side
Tempo: 6
Balls per location: Unlimited

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