The Best Basketball Shooting Camp: Breakthrough Basketball & Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball was thrilled to be a part of the Breakthrough Basketball Shooting Camp in Maple Grove, MN from April 27-29th.

The players were taken through a very meticulous and detail-oriented shooting curriculum on how to shoot with proper fundamentals. They worked very hard, learned a bunch, and had a ton of fun!

Check it out below.



We were fortunate to provide two Dr. Dish All-Star machines to enhance many of the shooting drills and allow the players to get up more purposeful reps and add more excitement to the camp.

If you’re looking to drive extra excitement during your summer basketball camps, incorporating Dr. Dish machines is a great way to do so!

We want to thank Coach Carl Scales and the entire Breakthrough Basketball team for allowing us to join! Learn more about Breakthrough camps and check out one in your area here. 

For more basketball drills and videos with Dr. Dish basketball shooting machines, click here.


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