Why a Basketball Shooting Machine at Home is a Smart Investment

dr._dish_home_use.jpg“We decided that we needed to invest in my son’s future, and we knew that it was his passion to become a great basketball player.

It was a long road, but I’m glad we did. The payoff was tremendous after he signed a full ride basketball scholarship worth $140,000+.”

-Ken Vedder


The Biggest Training Problem 

There’s one problem that is plaguing just about every basketball player, parent, and coach out there. This issue is everywhere. It’s prevalent when your kid is with their AAU coach during practice or when they’re putting up solid reps with the new personal trainer you hired. The problem you ask?

Time is the most valuable thing out there, and it is never on our side when trying to put up quality reps.

The fight everyone is going through is being able to put up quality reps efficiently. I put an emphasis on efficiently because let’s face it…

  • Gym time is always limited (which decreases the opportunity to get solid reps in)
  • Chasing after misses usually becomes the majority of the shooting workout if you're shooting alone
  • Workout sessions with a trainer are intense but always seem to go so quickly
  • Seeing consistent improvement over time, and overcoming the dreadful “plateau”, can be a long and winding road
  • You more than likely, as a parent, are busy and can’t always play “rebounder” when they’re shooting
And this fight to work on quality and efficient reps doesn’t get any better when you tell the kids to, “go in the back yard and take a few shots.”

But like anything else, there’s a solution to this problem… And the secret to tackling this issue may be easier than you think. 

The Solution

Ken Vedder, a Dr. Dish owner in Illinois, identified this problem. Years ago Ken realized that his son was the type of kid that ate, slept, and dreamed about basketball. It was always on his mind. He understood early on that he wanted to cultivate and foster his son’s passion for basketball. “We found that being efficient with our time to get him better was the most important thing we could do”, after a pause Ken went on to say that, “We realized that we had to be smart with our time when training.”

After coming to this conclusion, Ken knew that the only way to work smarter was to have a basketball shooting machine. He went all in and purchased a Dr. Dish shooting machine for his home. After setting the machine up on the first day and putting in hours and hours of work in the back yard after, Ken and his son were seeing those quality and efficient reps, that only a shooting machine can do, pay off with impressive results…

“When we purchased a shooting machine my son was able to put up 400 quality reps up in an hour, while the kid down the street would be getting 50-75 reps an hour… We were able to, in one hour, put up the amount of reps that another kid would have to do in 6-8 hours.”

Wow… How about that for efficiency and quality at your own home?

The machine wasn’t always used for these quick and intense workouts though. “We had plenty of competitions where his friends from his team would gather in the drive way and shoot around.” So not only was Ken’s son getting better, but his team was benefiting from the high velocity reps a shooting machine could produce. 

The Results

The payoff for this investment was outstanding. “Last AAU season, my son was a 56% three-point shooter, and was the second highest scorer on his high school team.” The most notable stat? Ken went on and explained that, “Out of our school’s 70 year basketball program history, my son made it into the school’s record book as one of the top 10 most accurate free throw shooters… Sinking over 80% of his free throws this past year.”

These results turned heads of a few big college teams and last year Ken’s son signed on to a basketball scholarship that was worth $140,000+. In total, Ken’s investment paid off… With a 900% return.

The take away that Ken got from this experience? “Shooting was the reason why he got his scholarship, and I honestly attribute a majority of his accuracy and shooting skills to our smart, consistent, and efficient work with the Dr. Dish.”


If you're serious about developing your kids' basketball game, it's time to get a Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine at your home! You may get more out of the machine than you ever could imagine. Give us a call today at (888) 887-7453 to order or for any questions you might have.


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