Why Switching to Dr. Dish was an Easy Decision for Coach Carter

Rocky Carter.jpgAt Dr. Dish Basketball we take pride in our fanatical customer service and providing each and every customer with a first-class experience from the first time they connect with us throughout the lifetime of the product. We truly believe that once you become a customer, you are a part of the Dr. Dish Family for life. 

Recently, we were able to catch up with Coach Rocky Carter of Osbourn High School in Virginia. Coach Carter has been the Head Coach for the past 4 seasons at Osbourn and has revitalized the program with winning records each of his 4 seasons after inheriting a team with just 2 wins the prior year. 

Coach Carter was kind enough to talk us through his journey of joining the Dr. Dish Family.

Coach Carter's Experience Before Dr. Dish

When Rocky first arrived at Osbourn High School, he knew he wanted new training equipment for the program. Originally, Coach Carter had used a different basketball shooting machine in his previous coaching position. Coach Carter explained:

"When looking for a new machine at Osbourn High School, I was much more familiar with a different brand. I had heard of Dr. Dish and had seen great reviews but I felt more comfortable with the machine I used previously. Because of this I decided to purchase the other brand.

"Ultimately, I didn't feel good about the purchase. Simply put, I immediately had buyer's remorse."

Why Coach Carter Decided to Switch

"I didn't have the greatest experience with the machine I bought so I decided to call Dr. Dish to see what I could do. I was very impressed with the customer service and the reps made me really want to try the All-Star machine. It just felt like a much better fit as I never felt excited about the machine I bought previously.

"Dr. Dish even allowed me to trade in my old machine for a great value. As a former mechanic, I love how they engineered the product and was eager to bring the high-tech equipment into our gym to bring excitement to our program."

Dr. Dish is Making an Immediate Impact at Osbourne High School

We were thrilled to bring Coach Carter and Osbourne High School on board the Dr. Dish Family. When we asked him about how the team has been enjoying the new Dr. Dish All-Star, he raved about the functionality and touched on 3 main points: User Friendliness, Tech Advancements, and Customer Service.


"The first thing that stood out was how much smaller Dr. Dish was than the previous machine we had. It is much easier to move around and storage was much better. The setup and take down is extremely simple as well. My players immediately knew that this was an upgrade."

Tech Advancements

"The advancements that Dr. Dish has made are incredible. The previous machine we had was not capable of tracking nearly what Dr. Dish tracks. My players have all downloaded the Dr. Dish phone app and now we're tracking all of our workouts. I also love that the shot counter is mechanical and is much more accurate than our previous machine."

Customer Service

"To be honest, the biggest reason why I switched to Dr. Dish was the amazing customer service. I never felt pressured and they never put down their competitor. They were very proactive and have gone above and beyond when helping me get set up in their Training Management System and Skill Builder. I know that if I ever need anything, they are just a phone call away and are eager to help. I'm 100% sure that I made the right decision and couldn't be more happy with the Dr. Dish All-Star and neither can my players!"


Undoubtedly, the best part of our jobs is hearing from satisfied Dr. Dish users and how blown away they are with their machines and their overall experience with our company.

We look forward to hearing more about the future success of the Osbourne Basketball Program for years to come as they continue to utilize their Dr. Dish All-Star.

We want to thank Coach Rocky Carter for his time! It's progressive coaches like him that we enjoy working with the most here at Dr. Dish Basketball.

To join Coach Carter and become a part of the Dr. Dish Family, give us a call at (888) 887-7453 or fill out the form below.

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