Basketball Coaching: One Simple Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage

by Adam Pan, on Apr 15, 2016 8:53:57 AM

Shooting_on_Dr._Dish-1.jpgDo you play in a tough conference?

Is there that one team that always beats you?

Ask yourself, are you playing bold with your approach to competing against them, or are you copying their process?

You cannot beat an overpowering opponent consistently by playing the same game as them. With basketball coaching, you must think outside the box and differentiate your program.

Here's one easy example of how to apply this

If you're familiar with basketball shooting machines, you're probably aware that there are only two options on the market: Dr. Dish and the The Gun by Shootaway. You might also know that the Gun was the only option on the market for many years. Because of this, it is currently used by many basketball programs. Chances are, the team you consistently lose to has an outdated Gun and are utilizing outdated methods with it.  

And yet when I speak to basketball coaches, sometimes I hear, “All of the teams I play against have a gun, so I think I am going to get one as well.” But how can you gain a competitive advantage if you're doing the same thing as your competition?

If you know anything about Dr. Dish, you know that it's the most advanced basketball shooting machine available. It will give you detailed stats on each player to help with your game day strategy and it can operate both under the basket (like The Gun), or away from the basket to act as a perimeter passer.

Now, as a coach that wants to beat the competition, why would you want the same shooting equipment as them?

Think about that for a second. Your competition is only taking high repetition shots with a pass delivered from under the basket. Most likely they are just shooting 3’s with no purpose behind their workouts. Not very game-like, right?

Now imagine your team just bought the Dr. Dish All-Star, so your players are coming in before school getting game-like passes from the wing and working on finishing inside the paint. You can see if they're working hard or not because they are wearing the heart rate strap that comes with the Dr. Dish and you can monitor if they worked at game speed. Also, you set a goal of 200 makes on a specific basketball shooting drill that forces your players to concentrate and shoot with a purpose. Once the user hits the goal, they press a button on their smartphone and you get detailed stats instantly shared to you so you can also monitor progress and hold them accountable.

Strategy like this is a game changer - and found nowhere else but Dr. Dish!

So next time you're faced with a equipment buying decision, or even a game day basketball coaching decision, think about innovative ways to succeed and differentiate yourself. Blaze your own trail because if you're doing the same thing as everyone else, where is your advantage?


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