Basketball Drills: Multi Stop Challenge with DJ Sackmann

by Nick Bartlett, on Aug 23, 2018 12:29:55 PM

Back in April we visited one of our Super Seven trainers, DJ Sackmann, at his facility in New Jersey. We had an awesome time filming a ton of great basketball drills and content with him for our Dr. Dish app and Training Management System.

DJ has quickly risen the ranks and is now one of the top and a world-renowned basketball trainer. Some of the best players in the world travel directly to DJ for training. DJ is known for his unique ability to combine advanced player development skill work into game like situations. This is why we love working with him at Dr. Dish!

In the video below, DJ demonstrates a great Multi Stop Challenge to work on different pull up jump shot options. With Dr. Dish and our Skill Builder application, you can require a certain amount of shots in a row before moving to the next location. In this drill, you must make each one of the 4 stops in a row before moving to the next spot. 

Check it out!



1. Speed stop

2. Exchange behind back

3. Inverted drag

4. Punch drag

Make sure to focus on the fundamentals and always push yourself to go game speed during these drills to improve faster than ever. Challenge yourself and see how fast you can complete this drill! Shoot to complete this from 5 spots around the perimeter. With Dr. Dish streak mode, the machine won't rotate to the next spot until you've made all 4 in a row!

Again, we are extremely thrilled to work with DJ! Currently, we have (10) complete workouts from him in our app and Training Management System. These workouts can be synced to Dr. Dish with a push a button on our app. After that, all the players have to do is focus on working hard and making shots.

You can follow DJ on Instagram at @djsackmann for many more skills and drills as well.

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