Why We Chose Dr. Dish: Keric & Catherine Seck

by Chelsea Wiita, on Sep 5, 2018 11:45:05 AM

A common misconception is that shooting machines are only for big schools or big-time training facilities. However, we at Dr. Dish speak to a variety of families that end up getting one of the three Dr. Dish models for their home. Whether you have a home court or a just a hoop in your driveway, a Dr. Dish can be a great addition to your home! 

Check out why the Seck family made the investment and added a shooting machine to their home. 

Local Training Facilities Already Used Dr. Dish

Keric and Catherine Seck decided to purchase a Dr. Dish for their son Noah after a Google search and a lot of research. After taking their son to multiple local training facilities that utilized the Dr. Dish in their training programs, Noah was able to get experience on a shooting machine while Catherine, a former play at University of St. Thomas (MN), realized how valuable the machine is to Noah's advancement.


Analytics & Increased Reps

Keric mentions the Dr. Dish staff and their knowledge of the machine and the Training Management System as an influential factor in their decision. In addition to getting up more reps, Noah is able to see how he is progressing, where he is shooting well from, and where he needs improvement. The Dr. Dish will help get up more than 1,500 shots in an hour vs. approximately 200 without a shooting machine. This allows Noah to make the most of his time on the machine, making the time he spends training as valuable as it can be. 


Ease of Use

Keric also mentions that Noah has the ability to do his workouts on his own, eliminating the need for him or Catherine to be home to help set up the machine or help program it. 

We at Dr. Dish pride ourselves on creating a machine that is lightweight, easy to set up and easy to maneuver. The ability to have something at home that you do not need to help to set up and you know that your child is still able to put in work is a huge value piece for a lot of parents. 


Customer Service

Immediate and helpful response was another factor in the Seck's decision to go with Dr. Dish. "One nice thing that we have experienced with Dr. Dish," Catherine states, "is that no matter if we have questions or we're not quite sure about the machine, every time we have called, we have always had immediate response."

Any time you call into Dr. Dish, we make it our mission to make sure you are taken care of. Whether it is a question on how to use the machine, the Training Management System or if there is an actual problem with the machine, we make sure that you are taken care of and left satisfied. 


At the end of the day, however, a big factor, Catherine says, is that the Dr. Dish helps creates excitement and accountability.

"It's a great tool for your son or daughter. It's something they can do on their own without Mom and Dad having to go out to the court. It has also brought a lot of enjoyment to any of the kids that have come over. They love to come to our house to play"


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