Partner Spacing and Multi-Cut Shooting Skill Builder Workout

by Nick Bartlett, on Sep 5, 2018 9:30:22 AM

At Dr. Dish Basketball we aim to provide coaches, players, trainers, and parents with multiple options to utilize our shooting machines. Between individual and team drills, there are endless ways to use Dr. Dish machines to accelerate skill development faster than ever. 

In this complete Skill Builder workout, Coach Jefferson Mason is joined by Anthony Brant, one of our Dr. Dish reps, to demonstrate a great partner progression focusing on game-like cuts and advanced ball handling.

Check it out below!

This is a great way to use the Dr. Dish in a partner scenario to work on game-like actions and cuts. By having the machine pass to the perimeter Anthony and Jefferson were able to receive passes where they will get them in games.

One of the best features of Skill Builder is being able to build in drills beyond just shooting. Here, Coach Mason and Anthony perform a great ball handling drill that is challenging and engaging in between the different shooting drills. 

Per usual, they end the workout by shooting free throws while tired to simulate a game environment. This workout will typically take between 20-30 minutes and each player will get up 100+ shooting reps in a variety of situations, work on ball handling, and also increase their conditioning. This is much better than aimlessly shooting random, non-game-like shots. 

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