4 Words To Live By To Be A Better Coach


Coaching is a demanding and stressful job. Most coaches do it because they love the game; others because they love teaching the young community. Some coaches are content with a small town coaching gig, while others want to make it big time. Regardless of your reason for coaching and your goal, we all want to improve and get better at what we do. Live by these 4 words if you want to be a better coach, father/mother, husband/wife, and person.

"Excellence In The Ordinary"

Excellence in the ordinary, say this a few times out loud and really think about what it means. Great coaches are not great because they are great at just one thing. They are great because they strive to be excellent in every single aspect of their lives and their coaching career. If you're failing as a coach, chances are it's not because of one or two things you've done wrong, it's death by a thousand cuts.  

Strive to be excellent in everyday life.  Whether it be interaction with your players, your player’s parents, your friends, or your family, be the best you can be. Every pre-game speech, every one on one with parents, every banquet, every practice, and every game gives you the opportunity to be excellent.  Utilize this idea in your personal life as well. Treat your wife like you used to when you were first dating. Put your phone away for an hour every evening and spend real quality time with your kids. This is how one becomes excellent.

Make sure you tell your players these four words as well. Explain what it means to excellent. Encourage excellent sportsmanship. A fist bump, or high five can go a long way between players. Just think how exceptional your team would be if they strived for excellence in every ordinary practice, every ordinary homework assignment, and every ordinary game.  A team that works together and wants each other to succeed is a difficult team to beat.   

Every day is a new challenge. Problems will arise and mistakes will happen, but we can all maintain excellence in ordinary tasks. Here at Dr. Dish, we strive to be excellent every day. We want to make it known that all coaches and players don’t need to be a top of the line Division 1 coach or athlete to be excellent.  Every day you have the opportunity to be excellent.


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