Coach Mason Hosts Dr. Dish Clinic For Local High School


Dr. Dish Basketball had the opportunity to make a trip out to New Ulm, Minnesota to work with 20 kids using their Dr. Dish All-Star in a variety of different ways. Minnesota Valley Lutheran high school has definitely put their Dish to work over the past year plus, but they wanted to see some new unique ways in which to use the shooting machine in a clinic/practice setting. 

Coach Mason Runs Dr. Dish Clinic

Throughout the course of the 2 hour basketball clinic, we were able to use the Dr. Dish All-Star for transition drills, half court, and full court shooting drills. We were also able to use the machine away from the basket to simulate real game action and we were also able to focus on ball-handling using the Dish's swivel net technology. The training capabilities of this machine are limitless and we had a great time showing the coaches at MVL how to maximize the usage of their All-Star shooting machine.

Our Dr. Dish shooting machines have made a major splash with the unique training capabilities on top of the stat tracking we provide. As a coach it's very important to push your players and give them the opportunity to develop great habits with continuous reps. Players are held accountable in their training through our stat tracking and this also motivated players to push themselves and work harder. Every player wants to impress their coaches because that will help them find their way onto the court.

With the Dr. Dish Training Management System, coaches can now see the progress a player is making year-round and can also specifically define the weaknesses a player may have and then design skills and drills to help that player turn those weaknesses into strengths. By doing this, not only do coaches give players the opportunity to be their best, but they also help build the program within. With the added skill development, teams will find themselves winning more games and championships!


Dr. Dish Drills

The All-Star shooting machine can be used in individual training, small group training and also team training. One fun shooting drill we worked on was our dribble drive kick out into the hand-off action for the shot. This action is run by the Golden State Warriors and is very hard to guard if executed properly. The ability to get a high number of reps allows for players to get comfortable and familiar in all pieces of this action. It also helps the players work on timing and proper footwork. We set goals during the clinic to make a certain amount of shots before moving to the next drill. The kids immediately went into competition mode and took their training to the next level.

We really challenged the players conditioning and focus when we worked on our full court finishing and shooting. We put players on the free throw line extended on both sides of the court. The Dish was firing passes to the players moving towards the opposite side of the hoop. The first player receiving the pass would quickly pass the ball up the court to the player who will finish at the rim. We switched up our finishes from power lay-ups to euro-step etc. After players finished at the hoop, they got their own rebound and kicked it ahead to the next player at the free throw line. After receiving the pass, that player would once again move the ball forward with a pass to the last player who would be taking a shot on the Dish. Players were encourage to switch up the type of shooting each time around. The great thing about this drill is each player is active and moving on the court. This is just another example on how our shooting machines can take your practice to the next level.

We appreciate the coaches and players at MVL taking time to work with us and we had a blast working hard and training with a purpose. For ideas on basketball drills and unique ways to use your Dr. Dish shooting machine, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

And like I always say, make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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