Basketball Coaching: The Importance Of Developing a Go-To Move

mj.jpgDeveloping a go-to move is a crucial way in which a player can become relevant and also a continual threat on the offensive side of the floor. Oftentimes teams can focus on 1-2 players when it pertains to defensive schemes. Great coaches can combat this by putting together great offensive strategies that eliminate this issue. Although this often helps, a player must utilize skill to put pressure on an imposing defense. Developing a go-to move and counter move is an essential part to a team and player's success on the offensive end. 

Typically a go-to move is very simple, quick and often times may be as simple as a hard sweep to the hoop. A counter move happens when a defender is able to stop an offensive player's ability to continue in their scoring opportunity. This counter is also a quick decision move that will help increase the probablity of a scoring play.

Early in Michael Jordan's career, his favorite move was the hard jab into a crossover dribble to the hoop. Later in his career his favorite move became his mid range post fade-away shot. When Jordan utilized his favorite move from earlier in his career, defenders were sometimes able to impead his process to the hoop. Jordan then used his counter move which was a hard spin changing directions into a scoop layup.


Jordan is considered by most as the greatest player to ever live, but even his favorite go-to move and counter was simple in nature. It's important to keep your go-to move as simple and easy as possible, since it's something that you must master and be comfortable with. Jordan's quick offensive decision making put pressure on opposing defenses at all times.

When a player happens to be the 3rd or 4th option on the floor, this player can expect opportunites to come off the quick swing pass or drive and kick out situations. Jordan's hard jab, crossover dribble attacking the rim, is a perfect move when dealing with a defensive player aggressively closing out. A great defensive player/team will be able to manage this go-to move and this is where the counter move is vital. Nervous and hesitant offensive players will often give up after their initial go-to move fails, but great players will utilize their counter to keep the offensive play alive rather then passing the ball back out.

Finding a go-to move that suits your skills will involve trial and error and will also require practice in game-like situations. For most players, a go-to move incorporates strengths a player already may possess. But stepping out of your comfort zone will only help make you a better player and your go-to move less predictable and more effective. 

Figuring out your go-to move and counter is only one of many tools a player can utilize in their basketball journey. Players: continue to add to your toolkit by training hard and with a purpose!


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