Basketball Drills: Baseline Flare Shooting with Dr. Dish

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Dr. Dish basketball is pleased to bring you another great Drill of the Week. In this basketball drill we will focus on using the flare action towards the baseline for the jump shot. The Houston Rockets are one of the best shooting teams in the NBA right now and have put up historic numbers this past year and commonly use this action in their offense. 

Great shooters understand how to get themselves open shots. With that being said, everyone on the team is required to do their job on the offensive end to make sure that the team gets the best look possible. Great shooters know how to read their defenders and know how to use the screen accordingly. The Dr. Dish All-Star shootng machine takes this drill to the next level with the ability to make game-location passing. 

In the video below we will break down several different shooting looks using the baseline flare action.

Great shooters have a knack for getting open whether its off the drive and kick or using the screen. Players must make sure to practice every type of situation they may see come game time. With the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine, players can practice flare shooting from the wing and baseline by themselves while getting a high number of reps in efficently. The All-Star is the only shooting machine on the market with swivel net technology which allows for post training, and game location passing.

Players: Make sure to focus on coming off the flare screen hard and setting your defender up. Practice your catch and shoot and also your one dribble pull-up. If you are comfortable shooting the ball using any type of screen then it will become extremely difficult for even the best defender to guard you. Lastly make sure to stay low on the catch and explode into your shot each time. This will cut seconds off your shooting time and give you that little added edge you may need to get the shot off.

Coaches and trainers: Be sure to check out our YouTube page for more great skills and drills videos. And most importantly make sure to always train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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