Basketball Drills: Footwork Shooting

This is a great drill for training your mind and body the right footwork for game-like shots. It's important for a complete player to be able to step into a shot a variety of different ways, but you always want to be deliberate about the last two steps into the shot so you create enough space to get a clean look.

In this complete Skill Builder workout Coach Mason breaks down 4 different foot actions when stepping into a shot, combined with agility slides and free throws this is a great complete workout! 

Workout Breakdown:
1. Back Pedal
2. Inside Lateral
*Agility Slides*
3. Rhythm Step
4. Outside Plant
*Free Throws*

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

The beauty of Dr. Dish Skill Builder is that you can build all of these drills into a single workout and push the entire workout to the machine. With just one push of a button on the Dr. Dish app, the Dr. Dish machine will transition seamlessly from drill to drill and provide detailed analytics and feedback once the complete workout is finished. 

Go to work!

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