Basketball Drills: Game-Like Post and Pop Shooting

At Dr. Dish Basketball we've taken a lot pride in developing our swivel net technology on our Dr. Dish All-Star machine which allows for game location passing. We always preach that your training should reflect game scenarios and the swivel net allows players to simulate game situations. 

In this drill, we go back to an old drill from our friend Coach Ed Andrist. Often, our swivel net technology is used for high repetition post entry passing. In this drill, Coach Andrist combines the post entry with a pop action to work on a the inside-outside action. 

Check it out below!


Beyond building better shooters, we're committed to building more COMPLETE players at Dr. Dish Basketball. Remember, the Dr. Dish All-Star is the ONLY machine designed with our patented swivel net technology to allow for the most game-like training environment. 

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And always remember to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!


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