Basketball Quotes: Enthusiasm and Positivity Leads to Success

The excitement of a new season can be a mixture of positive and uneasy feelings for players and coaches. A new season brings the opportunity for change and a new start. It only takes a few games into the season to see mentally and physically where your team is at and/or where you stand as a player. The hope is to always start the season strong with wins but that's not always the case. When things aren't going as expected, it's hard to stay motivated at practice at times. The two basketball quotes below speak volumes to coaches and players alike in how to approach each game and practice opportunity!

"I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win." -Michael Jordan

mj win.jpgMichael Jordan is considered to be the best basketball player to ever play the game. His ability to go above and beyond was astounding. The stories of how he competed against opponents and teammates is a testament to the mindset he had which brought him success on and off the basketball court. Jordan has become legendary in so many ways and continues to motivate players even though he retired from the game many years ago.

Michael Jordan was known for being unbelievably competitive and the desire to win consumed him. He knew that not only did he have to lead by example, but he had to push his teammates to develop the same mindset he had. Jordan never took a day off and would make sure that if you were on the court with him, you wouldn't either. I know as a former player how contagious it is to see your best player work hard and lead by example. There are so many outside factors that may limit your ability to enjoy the game of basketball or limit your ability to come and practice at the highest level everyday.

I can remember not feeling well some days or being disappointed in my performance the day prior and this would lead me to be mentally defeated before I even started that days practice. That mindset didn't allow me to get the most out of that day on the court and ultimately hurt my team. Each player is a piece of a puzzle which is the team and when everyone comes together as one, it becomes a masterpiece!

Winning is more than trophies and accolades. When you win, you know that you practiced harder then your opponent and as a team proved you had more of what it takes to win than your opponent. Knowing that you prepared and executed your teams game plan and then delivered a win to all your fans watching is a feeling that's indescribable and insatiable feeling.

"When it comes to team dynamics- on a basketball court or in a corporate setting- maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial." -Rick Pitino

pitino atmosphere.pngIn my career, I played for many teams and I was fortunate to play on some really good teams and have a lot of success. Even though I enjoyed many successful seasons, I also have had a few rough seasons. Naturally it's pretty easy to stay positive when you're winning games and playing good basketball. On the flip side, when you have a bad season negativity can spread like a bad cold throughout the locker room. 

Usually the teams that figure out a way early in the season to remain positive have a better chance to turn the season around than those that don't. If your team ends the season with a losing record, it's obviously disappointing. But as a coach and player it's important to take the positives of the season and build on them. The most promising thing a team can offer going into the off season is positivity and the willingness to get better. If the locker room is full of players that are continually negative and are not leading by example, its a clear sign that things need to change. 

Remember to stay positive during the ups and downs of the season because that will build resiliency within the locker room and will also help build a winning attitude and program! These basketball quotes are perfect to remind your team!

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