Basketball Drills: Attacking on the Catch with Coach Nick of BballBreakdown

bball breakdown.pngDr. Dish Basketball was pleased to have Coach Nick from BBallBreakdown come to the Dish Lab to demonstrate attacking the basket on the catch. Coach Nick also took the time to break down the proper movement and technique needed to perform properly.  

Coach Nick goes in depth on how this technique will help you explode past your defender to the hoop. This is a great move to work on using the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine. Not only were we able to get a multitude of reps in, we were able to track our stats at each location as a group. We also set goals of makes per location and challenged ourselves to finish each spot as quickly as possible. 

Check out the video below to see how this move will benefit you in training and game time action. Coach Nick walks through the proper movement, knee angle, and also foot placement as well. 


It's essential to understand the importance of your stance and foot placement before actually going live. Coach Nick speaks about staying on the balls of your feet, so that the offensive player is able to explode efficiently. Another major focus is to make sure that you're in an athletic stance and keep your knee bent at the proper angle. You don't want that knee passing over your foot because that leads to balance and explosion issues.

A great way to work on splitting your feet is to practice in place and quickly split your feet continuously until you feel comfortable with the movement. After that, add in the actually explosion to the hoop and repeat. Again, once you are confident in this action, add in the last piece which is using the basketball and finishing with the shot.

This attacking on the move catch can be used in a variety of different ways and in a multitude of situations. More than likely offensive players will find success using this move when the defensive player is closing out. Typically the defender will be off balance and the quick catch and attack will give the offensive player the best opportunity to score.

Players: Remember to practice going both ways and also practice scoring in different ways. You want to be comfortable with scoring using this move in a variety of different ways. Using the Dr. Dish shooting machine, we were able to track our success and also set goals to achieve before moving on. This challenged us as players to work hard to accomplish the goal set forth. We were also able to get an enormous amount of reps up as well!

If you want to maximize your training, check out our website for more information on our shooting machines. Also be sure subscribe to our YouTube page for more great skills and basketball drills videos!

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