Beat The Pro: Skill Builder Basketball Challenge

When Bre Salley joined us in the lab she knew she wanted to incorporate a Beat the Pro drill in! If you haven't heard of beat the pro before here are the traditional rules:

1. Pick the player you want to go up against
2. Pick your locations & number of shots
3. If you make the shot you get 1 point, if you miss the pro gets 2 points
4. The game is most commonly played first to 7

Since the Dr. Dish machines allow for stat tracking we changed up the rules a little bit and decided that in order to beat the pro, you must shoot greater than a percentage.

Here are our suggestions:

Beginner - 50%
Intermediate - 60%
Advanced - 75%

Now that you understand the rules, check out this awesome Beat the Pro Conditioning challenge! Bre will take you through 3 similar drills. Each one building more conditioning onto the last. Be ready to break a sweat in this one!

 To program this drill on your Dr. Dish use the perimeters below and follow on with Bre's directions!

Locations: 8, 12 
Balls Per Location: 1 
Tempo: 4+
(will vary based on player level, and which drill you are on)


Coach Salley is a former Division 1 and professional player and now serves as the Senior Basketball Academy Coordinator for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx.


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