Coach Mason Visits the Belgian Basketball Clinic

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Dr. Dish is officially taking over the world! I was thrilled to travel to Europe this summer and speak at the Belgian Basketball Clinic! This event attracted coaches all around Europe and also featured some great guest speakers including former NBA coach Kevin Eastman, Rich Czeslawski of our partners at Pure Sweat, and many other great coaches.

Coaches and other attendees were able to receive expert advice from some of the games' best teachers. The clinic touched on every area involving basketball including strength and conditioning, training efficiency, offense/defense, coaching, and game preparation. Every single one of these areas is a crucial piece in becoming a knowledgeable coach or player.

It was a pleasure hearing former NBA coach Kevin Eastman speak on how to be a great coach at any level. He stressed the importance of having a sound routine and also being prepared and ready in everything that you do. Coach Eastman reiterated that players will believe in a coach and the things they say if they are genuinely prepared and knowledgeable. That piece of the game can never be taken away from a coach. Kevin has spent many hours studying the game of basketball and asking questions to why certain things are done in certain ways. When you are scouting a player preparation is key and when you are preparing for an opponent preparation is key. Success begins with preparation and organization and the coaches that master these aspects are the ones who are most accomplished.

Check out the recap video of the clinic below!

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak about the importance of efficient, game-like training. The game of basketball continues to evolve and it's absolutely necessary to adjust accordingly. Shooting and analytics have become in essential in developing skills and also tracking progress over time. The ability to get reps up on the Dr. Dish shooting machine, track analytics, and also create Skill Builder workouts is an incredible training tool that will bring unbelievable value to any coach or player. I was able to run the demo players through a series of basketball drills that encompassed every area of training: Ball-handling, shooting, transition, conditioning and much more was on display with the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine.

The event itself was an amazing experience for Dr. Dish and also for all the coaches in attendance. The knowledge that was shared by all the guest speakers will help each coach in attendance add to their coaching styles and also help with any gaps they may possess. Dr. Dish will continue to innovate and help coaches all around the world be the best they can be while helping players take their game to the next level.

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