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Dr. Dish Basketball is back at again with another unique Skill Builder workout! In this complete workout we are focusing on scoring and attacking off of the screen. There are many different ways an offensive player can score attacking off the screen but will will focus on 3 in this workout. We'll also incorporate several other non shooting drills that will help take this workout to the next level!

At Dr. Dish Basketball, we've taken basketball training to the next level with our Training Management System and also Skill Builder technology. We're bringing first class training and technology to your gym and have helped countless high schools, colleges, and pro teams take their training and team to the next level. Every player and coach has access to over 100 ready-made workouts at their fingertips. Included in those workouts are NBA skills trainer Drew Hanlen, Pat The Roc and soon to come NBA Skills Trainers Jordan Lawley and Joe Abunassar! The excitement around Dr. Dish continues to build and with it more and more tremendous skills training content. 

Check out the video below and see how you can utilize these 3 scoring options using the screen come game time!


In the first shooting drill we focused on the retreat drag dribble and slicing the screen into the mid-range shot. This move is designed to counter the post defender showing hard or hedging hard.

Many times post defenders will try to keep the offensive player from turning the corner on the screen. The retreat drag dribble gives the offensive player the opportunity to turn the corner on the post defender if they don't show high or hard enough.

Our main focus is pulling that post defender out high and quick. This will allow for the offensive player to slice between both defenders to attack the hoop. A lot of times the next line defender will step up to help so the option to make a play for a teammate or to pull-up for the mid-range jump shot is there.

Make sure to focus on attacking hard off the screen. If you don't do this as an offensive player, everything else following won't matter. When slicing the screen most players will cross the ball or almost throw the ball through the gap and chase it. You can also go between the legs or behind the back depending on how much you need to protect the ball and where the defender is at. Focus on going hard from start to finish in this shooting drill!


After the player completes the first shooting drill goal, they will transition into the next drill which will be the quick twitch jump rope. Make sure before the workout starts you have a weighted or regular jump rope available for this drill. The Dish will seamlessly transition into this next drill and will begin the countdown on the front display panel. This will give the player an idea of how much time is left in this drill.

The main focus for this drill is to work on quickness and explosion. Try to get in as many reps in as you can and try to keep you jumps short and quick. Stay on your toes the entire time to strengthen those leg muscles. After the drill time runs out the Dish will transition into the next shooting so make sure to hustle to your spot.


In the next shooting drill, the offensive player will focus on attacking the post defender hard and quick. We are also simulating the main defender going underneath the screen and trying to beat the offensive player to the spot. Make sure to attack the corner hard so that the main defender and the post defender have to commit. This will give the offensive player the opportunity to make a quick lateral change of direction for the shot.

In the above video we stopped for the 3 point shot, but you can  incorporate mid-range shots as well. Focus on staying low and making sure that change of direction is quick and efficient. Limit the amount of extra dribbles and steps you take so that the defender doesn't have time to recover.

Lastly, make sure to go hard and stay consistent attacking the screen both ways. After completing the shooting goal you will once again transition into the quick twitch jump roping drill. At this point the player will more then likely be tired so its important to push through and work as hard a possible!


The next drill focused on similar action as the first shooting drill. The player will retreat drag dribble then slice between the two defenders. This time the player will shoot a controlled running floater instead of a mid-range shot.

NBA players like Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas are great at this and their ability to make this type of shot opens up so many other options for them as well. Be sure to control your body when using the running floater. Sometimes help-side defenders like to slide underneath and take the charge.

The great thing about running floaters is that you don't have to be a tall athletic player to do them. All this takes is practice, touch, and skills work. Attack the screen hard each time and try to be accurate using both hands in this drill.


To end this workout the player will make 20 free throws total while they are tired. The goal is to make minimally 75% and above for this drill. Ending the workout on free throws forces the player to make shots while they are tired and also simulate game time pressure when it matters the most.

Once the shooting goal is completed, the player will simply walk up to their phone and press stop then save. After that their stats will be automatically uploaded to their training management system. There they can view the stats of this workout and also track their progress over time. Coaches this is a great way to track your players success and help them develop skills at an accelerated rate!

For more information on how you can use Dr. Dish TMS and Skill Builder to help enhance your program and players, please check out this page, or call 952-873-2633 to speak with one of our representatives. And as I always say, make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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