Basketball Drills: Skip Crossover Progression Skill Builder Workout

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Dr. Dish Basketball is at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. In this workout we'll focus on our skip crossover progression. We'll also incorporate some full court ball-handling and take this workout to the next level and at the end we'll finish with making free throws while tired.

Skill Builder allows for coaches to tailor workouts based on their philosophies and also gives players the analytics and feedback they desire. Training has never been more efficient and accountable for players at all levels. 

Coaches: It's crucial to make sure your players are learning the fundamentals of each move in a progression style. This gives them the chance to think it through and also a chance to understand piece by piece when and where to use the move. Our training management system gives players and coaches stats by location so they can see how fatigue impacts shooting percentages and also how well they are doing with each drill.

Check out the Skip Crossover Skill Builder workout below and see how this move can help players destroy their defenders!



Skip Crossover

The first shooting workout focuses on the first part of the progression and also the meat of the move. It's important to understand that if this move is executed correctly the offensive player will have a good chance to score in a one on one situation. The next few shooting drills will focus on several other progressions with this move but it's essential to perfect this part first. Once the player receives the pass from the Dish will start with a set up skip dribble. This will get the offensive player moving backwards and will give you an opportunity to take advantage of them being off balance. As soon as the defender drops their back foot the offensive player will quickly crossover the opposite direction. Try to be as consistent as possible with every shot and push yourself to the next level.


In our ball-handling drills we will focus on perfecting the skip crossover. This is a great opportunity to get more reps in and also focus on the skip set up which is a huge part of the move. Challenge yourself to work on pace which is very important. Try not to fly through the move and develop bad habits. When the offensive player starts the skip set up make sure to attack down hill and plant hard on your front foot before exploding to the side. The goal is to get the defense player to move backwards and shift their body the opposite way. When the time goal runs out, hustle to start the next shooting drill.

Skip Cross Step-Back

The next progression in this move includes the step-back. Players remember that the goal is to be able to make a scoring play for yourself or your teammate efficiently so if you have the opportunity to score on the initial move then do it every time. This part of the progression is used against better defenders and is an added option to further the scoring opportunity. After performing the skip crossover, the offensive player will plant that same front foot and then step-back at a diagonal angle. Make sure to stay low until you explode into your shot. One of the toughest things players struggle with is balance and proper footwork on the step-back. Try not to fade even though your momentum is taking you backwards and be sure to have your feet set on the shot.

Pump Fake Skip Crossover

In between the previous shooting drill and this one, the player will once again work on ball-handling. Remember the machine will transition through each drill after each goal is achieved. The last shooting drill will include a pump fake either at the beginning of the skip progression move or at the end after the step back. The pump fake is a power piece in this move because it forces the defender to play you closer then they may want to. When you pump fake typically defenders will close the gap or jump and this always helps when making an individual move. If the offensive player chooses to use the pump fake after the step-back it is should be because the defender is over aggressive and there is a chance to draw a foul or have the defender fly by. Practice using the pump fake before and after the skip progression move so that you are comfortable with either come game time.

Free Throws

The last shooting drill in this workout will be free throws made. I do believe most coaches and trainers would agree its important to end workouts making free throws. This is a great way to see the ball go through the hoop to end your workout and also a great way work on making shots while you're tired. Continue to switch up your shooting goals so that you can challenge yourself and also simulate different game time situations. Remember that you have the power to become better in everything you do and combining Dr. Dish shooting machines, Skill Builder and hard work you'll be on your way to becoming a great basketball player!

For more great basketball drills and workouts visit this page and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. And as always, make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose. Let's get it, baby!


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