Basketball Drills: Snatch Back Hesitation Shooting

lw pullback.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another challenging Skill Builder workout. With school starting and the basketball season approaching, it's important to focus on the skills you are weak at and also sharpen the skills you want on full display for tryouts. Most players will find this challenging with school starting and time limited because of other activities and also school work. The great news is with our Training Management System and Skill Builder we can help accelerate player development and also help players get the most out of their time on the court. 

In this Skill Builder workout we we'll focus on our snatch back move and then we will also several progressions to this move. The most important thing to remember is that each move is used to force the defender to make a decision. Well-rounded players will look for their first best option to score and work their way through the progression of the move being  taking a shot. It's your goal to be able to go through the moves progressions and make a split decision otherwise you may lose a scoring opportunity and end up having to pass the basketball away. If you do you job you will have an open shot or get your teammate a shot because of a rotating defense.

Check out the video below to see how this progression works and also notice how we incorporated sprints into our workout as well. The best way to practice is game-like and in the game of basketball you have to sprint. You also will be tired so this will help simulate the fatigue you may have throughout a game.



First Shooting Drill

In the first shooting drill we focused on our snatch back dribble into a hesitation explosion, attacking the hoop in the same direction for a mid-range shot. The offensive player needs to make sure that they are heading downhill hard so the the snatch back creates separation. Often times this will lead to an open shot depending on how hard the defender gets faked, but most of the time the defensive player is giving everything they have to get back in the play. When you hesitate and lift up your eyes, the defender will typically bite on this and then this is the prime opportunity to explode back the same way for the shot or finish at the rim. Make sure to keep the basketball tight and on your hip otherwise the defender may be able to get in there and dig it out. 

Second Shooting Drill

In the second shooting drill we worked on basically the same move but this time the offensive player will explode the opposite way after the snatch back hesitation. Offensively you will need quick feet and you will almost chop your feet and explode on the back foot the opposite way. This is a great way to create separation going the opposite way for the shot. One thing to focus on is the defenders body position when you hesitate. You will want to explode the opposite way of where their back foot is planted. This will force the defender to shift and give you an extra second or two to get the shot off. 

Third Shooting Drill

The last shooting drill we went wing to wing shooting 3 point shots. This is a great way to get added conditioning in and also shooting on the move. Try to see how many shots you can make in a row and if you really want to challenge yourself go and set the goal in Skill Builder to streak mode. This will definitely add pressure and challenge you as a player. In between our shooting drills we also added in sprints. It's important to stay in basketball shape so continue to push yourself as school starts and also if you're in another sport.


For more great individual, small group and team training drills, be sure to visit our YouTube page! And most importantly make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!


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