Basketball Drills: Ball-Handling and Reverse Pivot Shooting

sb8-878987-edited.pngDr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Drill of the Week. In this basketball drill we will focus on change of direction ball-handling and pair that will catching the ball at the elbow for a reverse pivot, one dribble mid-range shot.

The Dr. Dish All-Star is the only shooting machine designed for ball-handling and game-location passing using the swivel net technology in the world. Our innovative design allows for simple and easy passes to be made into the net system. It also allows for post training which will also help train game-like action. With the Dr. Dish All-Star, any player is able to do this drill individually or with other players so there is never an excuse not to get in the gym to put in work.

Check out the video below breaking down this basketball drill and see how the Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine can benefit you!

In this basketball drill we will move the Dish away from the hoop to the top of the key. This is where we'll receive the passes each time. We then set the tempo on 8 so that we're consistent with reps even when fatigue sets in. We then set up three cones in a triangle pattern with one cone at the free throw line and the other two at the three point line extended. We will then receive the pass each time to start at the right cone. As soon as the pass is made , hard step dribble using the inside foot coming across the cone. Immediately after that you will retreat dribble and attack the middle cone. Quickly turn the corner after that then hard step using the inside right foot at the last cone. Once again retreat with a quick single move and attack the middle cone. When you get to the middle cone the second time, you will toss the basketball back into the net system.

After that, sprint to the right cone again and receive the second pass. Make sure to catch the basketball and step towards it with your top side or outside foot. This will allow you to reverse pivot after the catch. To finish up the sequence you will shoot a one dribble pull-up shot. Quickly grab the rebound and pass it back to the Dish and then repeat until your goal is hit. Be sure to switch and go the other way to that you are working on your shot form both sides.

It's important to focus on keeping your pace even when you are tired and also remember to switch up your shooting. In the above video we focused on the one dribble pull-ups, but try to incorporate some step backs and finishes at the hoop as well. The main focus should be to work on your weaknesses as well as mastering you strengths.

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