Drill of the Week: Baseline Flare into Finishing at the Hoop

lebron dunk-528736-edited.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is pleased to bring you another great Drill of the Week! This week we will focus on scoring baseline after flaring or popping out on the wing or short corner areas. The ability to properly read a screen and adjust accordingly is extremely important for an offensive player and understanding some scoring options after reading the screen is equally important.

In this basketball drill, we simulated the defender going one man removed on defense and the offensive player catching the basketball and attacking baseline. In this drill we will be working on different finishes at the hoop. While most of us would love to be able to finish at the rim with a dunk like LeBron James, realistically players will have to be able to score over or around the helpside defender. We'll pull the Dr. Dish All-Star shootng machine away from the hoop in this drill so that the Dish can make game location passes and so that we can train game-like.

Check out the video below breaking down several different ways to finish at the hoop attacking baseline.



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