How to Create Space off a Pin Down with Reid Ouse

At Dr. Dish Basketball we're always excited to work with innovative and knowledgeable basketball trainers to create useful content for coaches and players around the world. 

We were fortunate to have Coach Reid Ouse of Catalyst Training join us in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a few great basketball drills and fundamentals to focus on to take your game to the next level! Coach Ouse has been coaching and training for many years now and has learned many of his concepts first-hand from one of our featured trainers, DJ Sackmann.

In this video, he explains how to properly create space off a pin down. It may seem like a small detail but using this concept can open up many more options and lead to many more easy points. Check it out below!

As you can see in the video, the difference of the extra few feet of space can make a HUGE difference in creating a scoring opportunity. It's the attention to detail on these types of fundamentals that can really separate great players from good ones. 

This is a great way to utilize the Dr. Dish All-Star away from the basket especially for 1-2 players. With the All-Star's patented swivel net technology, there's no better way to simulate a pass from the wing or the top of the key. After shooting the jump shot or attacking the basket, it's a simple outlet pass back into the net and you're ready for the next rep.

Make sure to follow Coach Ouse on Instagram @coachouse and Twitter @reidouse.

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