How the University of South Florida stays Hi-Tech with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball would like to congratulate Dr. Dish family member, University of South Florida Women's program on another great season! The Lady Bulls finished the year at 24-9 and earned their 3rd consecutive NCAA Tournament Birth!

When they purchased a basketball shooting machine from Dr. Dish Basketball at the beginning of the season, they were most excited about the fact that the technology in the machine would fit perfectly in their state-of-the-art facility. We recently sat down with Head Basketball Coach, Jose Fernandez, and talked about how he uses their Dr. Dish All-Star to continue improving their game every day. 

From Then to Now with Dr. Dish

USF first purchased a shooting machine from Dr. Dish back in 2012 when we were still manufacturing our original model. They have been a solid and loyal customer ever since, and we're glad that they made the choice to stick with Dr. Dish. When we asked Coach Fernandez about this decision, he stated:

"We got a lot of use out of the original Dr. Dish, but we recognized that if we were going to continue to innovate, we had to upgrade to a machine that could fit with what we wanted in today's world. We have a new hi-tech facility now, so it made sense to purchase the most hi-tech machines."

Hi-Tech and State-of-the-Art

Dr. Dish has certainly come a long way in the last 5 years when it comes to the amount of technology packed into our machines. The Dr. Dish All-Stars that USF purchased a few months ago are significantly more portable, allows for post-training with our patented Swivel Net technology, includes an integrated JBL Bluetooth speaker and, like all of our machines, can be used with the Dr. Dish Academy to track shooting percentages, heat maps, and even heart rates for individuals and teams. Coach Fernandez made it a point to mention this as one of the main reasons they were excited to use the next-generation Dr. Dish, because, "It gives our players a chance to develop each day, not only on their own, but also with our coaching staff."

Skill Builder

The newest product offering from Dr. Dish, Skill Builder, is continuing the tradition of innovation here at Dr. Dish by allowing coaches and players to create complete training programs that can incorporate shooting, conditioning, and ball handling all in one workout that you can share to a Dr. Dish smart machine with a smart phone or Bluetooth capable device. It comes free with all new Dr. Dish models and if you have a smart machine right now, you can contact us and we will send you an update for free. 

Coach Fernandez was excited about the prospect of Skill Builder and had this to say about it:

"Our coaching staff is always trying to incorporate skill development into our practices and Skill Builder sounds like a great way for us to really take that to the next level. I'm excited to really dive into Skill Builder this off-season and I'm sure the coaching staff is too."


We would like to thank Coach Fernandez for sitting down with us and sharing his story with us and we wish the Bulls the best of luck this off-season! If you have your own story of how you utilize your Dr. Dish for game-like training we'd love to hear from you. 

And if you're looking for inspiration on how to further incorporate your basketball shooting machine into your practices, Coach Mason has been busy in the #DishLab creating drills you can try out. Just take a look at our Drill Video Library!

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