Introducing the "Dish Lab" for Basketball Training

Welcome to the Dish Lab - Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting MachineWe at Dr. Dish Basketball are extremely excited to unveil the "Dish Lab" at the Dr. Dish Headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. We're always trying to add value beyond only providing our basketball training equipment. 

With the addition of the "Dish Lab" we now have our own platform to fully showcase the unique training capabilities of our Dr. Dish shooting machines and specifically the most advanced shooting machine in the world, the Dr. Dish All-Star. We also are very excited to have Jefferson Mason, a former professional player and current skills trainer, as our resident Training Specialist. With his experience, knowledge, and passion for the game, he is the perfect fit to spread his basketball expertise to our vast coaching audience.

Check out the "Dish Lab" and Jefferson below:




This is just a snipet of the endless possibilities and capabilities of what we can do in the "Dish Lab". As Jefferson mentioned, everything we do at Dr. Dish Basketball is innovative and first-class. Through utilizing our equipment, we aim to provide coaches, trainers, and players with the best resources to help push their games' to the next level. 

Especially with our Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine, the training capabilities and basketball shooting drills are endless. Whether it's working on game position passing, post-entry passing, advanced ball handling, or more, it's important to fully utilize the training capabilities to maximize your player development. 

We look forward to growing our relationship with our audience in the "Dish Lab" and providing useful content to help you win more games! 

Is there something you'd like Coach Mason to cover in the "Dish Lab"? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and we'll get Jefferson to film the content in the Lab!

Let's get it.

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