BasketBall Drills: Gretzky Series with Positionless Basketball

It was great having Positionless Basketball in the Dish Lab to demonstrate some great basketball drills to simulate game-like actions and build complete players!

Basketball Drills: Partner Shooting and Handles

In this Skill Builder workout, Coach Mason is joined by me, Nick Bartlett (Marketing Manager at Dr. Dish Basketball), in the Dish Lab to demonstrate a great partner shooting and ball handling workout.

Basketball Drills: Decision Making Closeouts with Positionless Basketball

At Dr. Dish Basketball we're always looking for different ways to utilize our machines for game-like scenarios. We were thankful to have Coach Jordan Petersen of Positionless Basketball join us in the Dish Lab to showcase ways that he uses Dr....

Basketball Shooting Drills: Competition Shooting With Midwest 3 on 3

Coach Pat Freeman of our partners at Midwest 3 on 3 joined us in the Dish Lab to showcase an awesome small group competition shooting drill. Click below to watch!

Getting out of your Comfort Zone with Basketball Training

The greatest players in the game of basketball understand the importance of hard work and dedication. The athletes that are willing to push their bodies to the limit and get out of their comfort zone are usually the ones that have a competitive...

Basketball Drills: Snatch Back Hesitation Shooting

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another challenging Skill Builder workout. With school starting and the basketball season approaching, it's important to focus on the skills you are weak at and also sharpen the skills you want on full...

Basketball Drills: Side Step Jumper Using the Pull-Back

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with another great Drill of the Week! In this basketball drill we'll focus on our pull-back move into the side step jumper. This drill is great for players that love to attack the hoop because we are working on...

Basketball Drills: Change of Direction Shooting

The ability to shoot on the move and also make quick ball-handling moves on the catch is a skill that many players lack in today's game. Majority of players play the game downhill or north to south. This isn't necessarily the wrong way to play,...

Basketball Drills: Triple Moves and Finishing at the Rim

Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it with another great Drill of the Week! In this basketball drill, we will focus on ball-handling and also finishing at the rim.

For our ball-handling part of the drill we will focus on triple moves before slashing...

Coach Mason Visits the Belgian Basketball Clinic

Dr. Dish is officially taking over the world! I was thrilled to travel to Europe this summer and speak at the Belgian Basketball Clinic! This event attracted coaches all around Europe and also featured some great guest speakers including former...


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