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Basketball Drills: Read & React Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Becoming an All-American & Pro Player: A Conversation with Ethan Happ

Basketball Drills: 2 Ball 2 Bounce with Ryan Razooky

Basketball Drills: Screen Down Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Compete in the First Dr. Dish Leaderboard Challenge!

Why Tony Delk Loves His Dr. Dish CT Shooting Machine

5 Ways to Increase Accountability This Summer with a Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Lift, Land, Shoot with Spencer Levy

How to Improve Free Throw Percentage with Jake Rauchbach

Basketball Drills: Natural Pitch Shooting Drill With Coach Tony Miller

How Tracking Shots Leads to Player and Team Success

Introducing the Dr. Dish Basketball Community Facebook Group

Dr. Dish Driveway Workout with Coach Brett Brown of the 76ers

How to Bust a Shooting Slump with Jake Rauchbach of MindRight Pro

Basketball Drills: Two-Spot Shooting Drill With Coach Tony Miller

A Conversation with Ike Udanoh and His Incredible Basketball Journey

How Debbie Antonelli Raised Over $120,000 for Special Olympics

Basketball Drills: 47-Point Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Drop Dribble Progression with Jordan Lawley

Basketball Drills: Shooting Off Screens with Coach Tony Miller

How to Train Your Basketball Mind with Jake Rauchbach of MindRight Pro

Financing for Dr. Dish Home is Here!

7 Keys to Improve Your Shot This Off-Season

Basketball Shooting Drills: Jab Step Series with Ryan Razooky

Dr. Dish Post Drill Sequence with Coach Tony Miller

Instagram LIVE workout with NBA Player Langston Galloway (Recording)

Ball Handling Drills: Crossover Progression with Jefferson Mason

Dr. Dish Free Virtual Camp Featured on Local CBS News

Dr. Dish Home Overview - Video Breakdown

Basketball Drills: Floater Warm Up with DJ Sackmann

How Dr. Dish Helped Develop The Sniper School: Toledo High School (OR)

A Conversation: The Art of Shooting with Spencer Levy

How To Be More Involved As A Parent When Training at Home

#DrDishFam: Mike Conley Jr. defeats Zach LaVine in HORSE on ESPN

100 Shot Challenge from Pro Skills Trainer Ryan Razooky

Life Overseas with Pro Player Jamar Diggs (VIDEO)

Dr. Dish Home Storage to Court - Set-Up tutorial

Remembering Zeke Upshaw: A Great Player and Better Man

Basketball Drills: Under Drag Progression with Jordan Lawley

Training Isn't Cancelled: Ultimate Basketball Motivation

5 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Shooting Machine

Behind the Back Ball Handling Progression

Player Development and Talent Management: A Convo with Pete Kaffey

The Most Recruited Player in Quebec History Shares His Secret

Get Your Sweat on With These At Home Workouts - No Hoop Required!

Basketball Drills: Speed Stop Progression with Spencer Levy

At Home Training Tips and Best Practices (Webinar) with Pat Freeman

8 Things Winning Teams Do Consistently

Ball Handling Drills: Off Hand Combat Progression

10 Reads, Watches, and Listens for Coaches and Players to Get Motivated

Shifty Ball Handling Workout with Ryan Razooky

How to Maximize Players Skills While Training At Home (Recorded Presentation)

Talking Basketball & It's "New Normal" with Greg Stiemsma & Coach Mason

How We've Responded to COVID-19

Basketball Drills: Russell Westbrook Downhill Series with Jordan Lawley

4 Tips for a Successful Sweat at Home

Kobe Pivot Shot Progression with Ryan Razooky

Meet Our Dr. Dish Trainers

A Look Inside the New Dr. Dish Home App

8 Things Mentally Tough Basketball Players Do

Team Shooting Drills: UW-Milwaukee Post Relocation

Introducing Dr. Dish Multiplayer Tracking

Career Day at Dr. Dish Basketball

Basketball Team Drills: Louisville X Out Jumpers

How to Stand Out When Shots Aren't Falling

Hear What UW-Milwaukee Says About Their Dr. Dish CT Machines

Basketball Shooting Challenge: Plus/Minus 66

Train Your Mind: Complete Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee

What One Parent Has to Say About Dr. Dish Home

Florida Gators Team Transition Shooting Progression

What is a Basketball Shooting Machine?

Dr. Dish CT Unboxing (video reveal)

Louisville Basketball Shooting Drill: 7 In the Pot

How Work Ethic Helped Develop One of the Best Shooters in Ohio History

The Top Traits of Great  Basketball Shooters

UNLV Basketball Challenge: 25s Shooting

Suggested Accessories for your Basketball Shooting Machine

How to Determine Your Kid's Basketball Skill Level and Next Steps

Team Basketball Shooting Drills: Spread Pass and Cut

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Practicing Basketball More at Home

Louisville Basketball Team Drill: Full and Fast

Looking Back at an Incredible 2019 at Dr. Dish Basketball

Basketball Drills: Florida Gators Baseline Runner Pick & Pop

Dr. Dish X She Got Game Classic Girl's Basketball

Reset Your Basketball Mindset For 2020

Basketball Drills: Louisville X Out Layups

Our Top Blog Posts & Drills of 2019

7 Steps to Building Your At Home Basketball Court

Basketball Drills: UNLV Post Screen the Screener

Top 3 Reasons Parents Love Dr. Dish

University of Louisville Team Drill: Guard Transition Run

3 Basketball Drills To Do At Home

Basketball Team Drills: Flare Shooting

Dr. Dish Home Membership: What You Need To Know

What 100 Parents Said About Their Basketball Training Preferences & Costs

Florida Gators Team Drill: Split Cut Action

Introducing Dr. Dish Home

Basketball Shooting: 8 Ways to Increase Confidence

Basketball Shooting Machine Drills: DHO Drift Kick Back

Basketball Drills: Louisville Zone Busters

Top 13 Gifts for Basketball Players

8 Types of Basketball Shots and Fundamentals Not Worked on Enough

Duke Transition Shooting Drills

Skill Development: Why Guards Should Work on Their Post Skills

Dr. Dish Training Management System Webinar Recap & Recording

Florida Gators Team Shooting Drill: Corner Lift into Dribble Hand Off

Basketball Drills: UNLV Sideline to Sideline Shooting

Louisville Post Drill: Double, Dive, Repost

How to Use Compassion to Build Chemistry: Mike Lee Mindfulness Series (6 of 6)

Basketball Tryout Tips For This Season

5 Ways to "Play It Present": Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (5 of 6)

Decision Making Basketball Shooting Drill: Drive, Kick, Read

3 Myths of Meditation: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (4 of 6)

Duke Finishing Drill: Catch, Rip, Attack

You Talked, We Listened: Workout Completion Notifications

The Importance of Visualization to Success: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (3 of 6)

NBA Veteran Quincy Pondexter Talks About His Journey as a Pro

University of Florida Team Shooting Drill: Skip Pass Closeouts

Patience x Process: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (2 of 6)

Congrats to Our Nationwide Dr. Dish Giveaway Winners!

How DJ Sackmann Became a Premier Basketball Trainer

Basketball Drills: UNLV Drive Kick Backside Screen

Supporting Our Heroes: The Pain Free Patriots Gala

Pro Workout with NBA Veteran Quincy Pondexter in the Dish Lab

Basketball & Mindfulness: Getting Started with Mike Lee (Part 1 of 6)

Basketball Drills: Louisville 3 Second Spot Shots

How Arica Carter Transformed Her Game from 0-15 to the Final Four and WNBA

Team Shooting Drills: Drift Kickback with Positionless Basketball

Basketball Drills: Runners Workout with DJ Sackmann

Where is Dr. Dish? Fall 2019 Basketball Clinics

Basketball Drills: Elbow Progression with Pat the Roc

Duke Basketball Team Drill: Transition Post Elbow Read

Road to the NBA: Dr. Dish Visits the 2019 RBA Showcase

It's Her Time to Play: All Girls Basketball Camp

Basketball Drills: UNLV Ball Screen Post Dive

Dr. Dish Featured at 3 on 3 Outdoor Tournament

Basketball Drills: Speed Stop/Touch Step Back Series with Jordan Lawley

Team Basketball Shooting Machine Drills: Double Screen Action

Basketball Drills: Push Cross Workout with DJ Sackmann

Louisville Full Court Drill: Transition Post Run

Efficient Training vs. Over Training in Basketball

Duke Team Shooting: You-Me Action

Basketball Drills: Step Up Screen Options with Jordan Lawley

How Jordan Lawley Has Built a Basketball Training Empire

Parent Company of Dr. Dish Building a Multi-Sport Empire

How Dr. Dish Helped Build this Freshman of the Year & State Tournament Team

Team Basketball Drills: Continuous Shooting with Positionless Basketball

Partner Basketball Drills: Drive and Kick with DJ Sackmann

What Should Your Eyes Follow When You Shoot?

Dr. Dish All-Star Machine Overview

Team Shooting Drills: Motion Pass & Cut

Building a Successful Program: Arizona Compass Prep & Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Footwork Workout with Jordan Lawley

3 on 3 Pick and Roll Reads with Coach Liam Flynn

Where is Dr. Dish? July 2019

Basketball Drills: Fake Snake Pick and Roll with DJ Sackmann

Duke Team Shooting Drill: Drive and Retreat

Dr. Dish featuring Team + Coaches Content and More!

Finishing Against Defense: Ball Screen Roll Drill with Coach Petersen

Dr. Dish CT Featured at Professional Basketball Showcases

Team Drills: Drive Kick Clear Concepts (Part 3) - 3 vs. 2 - with Liam Flynn

6 Summer Training Tips

Does High School Basketball NEED a Shot Clock?

Basketball Drills: Partner Dribble Hand Off Actions with DJ Sackmann

Dr. Dish CT Unguarded (Machine Tutorial)

Duke Team Shooting Drill: Flare into Ball Screen on Dr. Dish CT

The Dr. Dish Training Management System  - EXPOSED! (Full Demo)

3 Ways to Attack Pressure Defense on the Catch

Basketball Shooting Footwork: 1-2 vs. The Hop

ESPN's Debbie Antonelli Makes 2,400 FT's on Her Dr. Dish - Raises 75k For Special Olympics

Basketball Drills: Floater Series with Jordan Lawley

How Doane University Put Up over 34,000 Shots in 4 weeks Using Dr. Dish CT

Off-Season Training Myths

Team Drills: 2 on 1 Reaction Drills with Coach Liam Flynn

Basketball Shooting Progression Drill with Gee Gervin

AAU Basketball: Pro's, Con's and Beyond

Basketball Drills: Wing Shift Progression with Drew Hanlen

Dr. Dish Launches Training Programs

How Dr. Dish is Helping Build This High School Phenom and Win State Titles

Welcome to Complete Training - Dr. Dish CT Versatility

Team Drills: Drive, Kick, Clear Concepts with Coach Liam Flynn

15 Team Building Activity Ideas

Celebrating Our 1st Dr. Dish CT Customers

Step Back Series Workout with Jordan Lawley

Team Motion Shooting Drills: The Curl Action

Visit Dr. Dish Basketball at the Final Four

How the Game of Basketball Saved My Life

Zig Zag Shooting Workout with Pat the Roc

9 Ways to Get More Open Shots in a Game

Basketball Drills: Mid Post Jab Workout with Drew Hanlen

Basketball Drills: Combo Shooting Workout with Mike Dunn

Top 10 Favorite Playoff Quotes to Inspire Your Team

Building a Successful Program with Coach Donyes of Link Year Prep

Dr. Dish Partners with Timberwolves and Lynx Academy for Presidents Day Clinic

Basketball Drills: Dynamic Shooting Workout

Basketball Shooting Drills: Mid-Range Curl workout with Mike Dunn

Is Shooting The Most Important Skill in Basketball?

6 Things Great Players Do Outside of Practice/All Year Long

Basketball Drills: Pass Fake Shooting Workout with Bre Salley

Wing Ball Screen Series Workout with Drew Hanlen

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