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Don't Make These Crucial Mistakes This Offseason

2022 NWBA National Wheelchair Basketball Championships

Basketball Drills: Around the World with George "Gee" Gervin Jr.

Take 10,000, Make 10% More - Can you take 30,000 Shots this summer?

Basketball Drills: Pressure Shooting Challenge

What Puts #DrDishFam Member Luka Doncic Ahead of Jordan and Lebron?

Basketball Drills: Skip Step Move with Moris Hadzija

Basketball Drills: Baseline Drift with Coach Tony Miller

Summer Training Tips You Need to Include in your Offseason Routine

Debbie Antonelli's 24 Hours of Nothing But Net Back for 2022

Basketball Drills: Split Second Reactions with Moris Hadzija

Basketball Drills: L-Cut Finishing with Coach Tony Miller

Increase Accountability & Competition with Team Leaderboards: Only on Dr. Dish CT

Basketball Drills: Split Catch Progression with Kyle Travis

Top 5 Common Basketball Training Mistakes

Basketball Drills: Post Sequence Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Behind the Back into Space with Moris Hadzija

The Ultimate Offseason Checklist Guide for Parents, Players, and Coaches

3 Basketball Drills to Simulate Dribble Drive Offenses

How can Post-Season Evaluations Assist with Player Development?

Unlimited Shot Locations Provide Unlimited Training Options

Animated Drill Previews Help You Execute Drills with Confidence

Basketball Drills: Attack & Escape with Moris Hadzija

Introducing Smart Templates: Train Smarter while you Train Harder

Control Practice & Training From Your Phone with Live Mode

Dr. Dish Takes Over Championship Weekend

Special Jennings and Montverde Academy Win National High School Championship

37-Point Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Two Brothers Use Basketball to Raise More Than $35,000 for Ukrainian Refugees

Basketball Drills: Shot Prep Series with Kyle Travis

Dr. Dish Fam in the College Semifinals

Visit Dr. Dish Basketball in Minneapolis (WBCA) and New Orleans (NABC)

College Basketball National Champion Cameron Brink Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Our 6 Basketball Drill Modes: Explained

Basketball Drills: Decision Making Progression with Carlos Frade

Defense, hot shooting lead to historic number of opening weekend tourney upsets

Dribble Drive Basketball Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Top 5 Quotes from College Basketball Championship Tournament Legends

Basketball Drills: Adjustment Dribble with Kyle Travis

Basketball Drills: Pin Down Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Join Our 2022 College Championship Tournament Brackets

Basketball Drills: Streak Shooting Challenge

Selecting our 2022 Anything is Possible Giveaway Winners

The Regular Season is Coming to a Close...What's Next?

Ball Handling Drills: 2 Ball Drill with Kyle Travis

Dribble Drive Basketball Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Everything You Need to Know for March Basketball: Dr. Dish TV Episode 2

Basketball Drills: Step Up Screen Series with Joe Abunassar

Our 10 Favorite Basketball Podcasts

Basketball Motivation: Anything Is Possible Giveaway

5 Features to Compare When Shopping Home Basketball Training Solutions

Ball Handling Drills: Foot Switch with Kyle Travis

Basketball Drills: Ray Allen Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Build your Basketball Business with the All New Dr. Dish FCLTY

Why the White Mamba Trains with Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Top of Key Handoff with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Fam Member Debbie Antonelli Elected to Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

Meet your Basketball Training Match this Valentine's Day

Top 6 Basketball Quotes to Inspire your Team

Basketball Drills: Footwork Series with Mathieu Delarche

Basketball Drills: Skip Back & Kick Back Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Why Minnesota Lynx Players Aerial Powers & Rachel Banham Train with Dr. Dish

Meet Our 2022 Dr. Dish Trainers

Basketball Drills: Individual Shooting Competition with Jesus Lazard

Basketball 2022 Calendar: Stay Up to Date on All Things Basketball

Recovery Techniques All Basketball Players Need in Their Routine

Is 1-on-1 Play More Important than Basketball Skills Training?

Basketball Drills: Boomerang Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

3 Ways to Stay Motivated During a Long Basketball Season

Basketball Drills: Two Team Competition Shooting with Francisco Segura

Basketball Warm-Up: Form Shooting With Coach Tony Miller

iC3 Shot Trainer Challenge: Jordan vs. Eli

TyTy Washington Breaks John Wall's School Record

Basketball Shooting Machines: A Buyers Guide (2022 Edition)

3 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year's Resolution

Basketball Drills: Warm Up Progression with Dimitri Lauwers

Basketball Drills: Snatch Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

2021 Year In Review: Airborne Athletics

Get to Know D1 Point Guard TyTy Washington

Why Basketball Players, Coaches, Trainers, and Parents Choose Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Fam Discuss Their Favorite Holiday Memories

Our Top Blog Posts & Drills of 2021

Our Favorite Ways to Wrap & Gift a Dr. Dish Basketball Rebounder

Why the Top Shooting Facility in Ohio Switched to Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Holiday Giveaway

Introducing Dr. Dish TV - Episode 1

Turning Your Backyard into a Basketball Court

Basketball Drills: Flat Screen Downhill Shooting with Maurice Riddick

Jordan Hunt's 'Transformation' Thanks to Dr. Dish iC3

Basketball Drills: W Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Dr. Dish's Top Recruits (AKA partners) of 2021💪🏆

Basketball Drills: Cross, Between, Behind Handles with Kyle Travis

Basketball Tips: Importance of Goal Setting Throughout the Season

NBA Hall of Famer George 'Iceman' Gervin Joins the Dr. Dish Fam

Basketball Drills: 3x3 Quickshot Shooting with Jaume Comas

3 Ways to Bounce Back After a Tough Loss in Basketball

Basketball Drills: Pacing with Maurice Riddick

Dr. Dish a Part of Basketball Experience in Las Vegas

Dr. Dish Partners with Top College Athlete: D1 Point Guard TyTy Washington

7 Fun and Competitive Basketball Games for All Ages

Basketball Drills: 33 Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

National Wheelchair Basketball Association Partners with Dr. Dish

Basketball Coaching: 3 Ways to Encourage Your Players to Motivate One Another

Basketball Drills: 2v1 Contested Shooting with Joerik Michiels

Basketball Drills: Ghost Screens with Coach Tony Miller

Motivational Quotes For Basketball Teams

Basketball Challenge: Star Shooting with Kyle Travis

Proper Grip Shooting with Coach Mason and Coach Tony Miller

How Much Will Your Shooting Improve with the iC3 Shot Trainer?

Basketball Tryout Tips for the Upcoming Season

Basketball Drills: Two Dribble Pullup Progression w/George "Gee" Gervin Jr.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Basketball Players

Basketball Drills: Relocation Shooting with SportsEdTV

Basketball Drills: Pop Corner Series with Joe Abunassar

Basketball Drills: Chase the Pass with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Dribble Pull Up Shooting with SportsEdTV

Basketball Drills: Side Pick & Roll with Joe Abunassar

Basketball Drills: 2 Spot Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Player Advice: How to Balance School and Sports

Allie Quigley Leads Chicago Sky to First Ever WNBA title

Unboxing and Assembling your New Dr. Dish Rebel+/All-Star+

Basketball Drills: Trail Three Center with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Fam Members Skylar Diggins-Smith and Allie Quigley Meet in WNBA finals

Basketball Drills: Up and Back Shooting Drill with SportsEdTV

Home Business Expert Amy Hunt LOVES The Dr. Dish iC3 Shot Trainer

Basketball Drills: Corner Hand Off with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Fam NBA 2k22 Ratings

Q&A With ASVEL Coach Pierre Parker

3 Ways to Make a Shooting Machine Affordable

Dr. Dish Home Membership: Our Most Asked Questions

Basketball Drills: Flare Screen Shooting with Tony Miller

Basketball Challenge: Relocation Shooting with Joe Abunassar

NBA and Euro Basketball Veteran Nikola Mirotic Joins the Dr. Dish Fam

The X-Factors in the WNBA Playoffs' Opening Round

Basketball Drill: Hip Switch with Skylar Diggins-Smith

USA's Dominance On the Court Translates to Wheelchair Basketball

Basketball Drills: Boomerang Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How to Think, Practice, and Play like a Champion this School Year

4 Ways to Turn Your Goals into Habits

Basketball Drills: Curl, Pop, Flare Progression with Lindsay Whalen

Our Top 3 Features Used by Championship Programs

Our Results of Interviewing 100 Parents on Their Training Preferences

How Hoosier Shooting Academy is Changing the Game in Player Development

Basketball Drills: Wing to Wing with Joe Abunassar

Where is Dr. Dish? Fall 2021 Basketball Clinics

NBA Veteran Ersan Ilyasova joins the Dr. Dish Family

Dr. Dish FIBA 3x3 Shoot-Out Contest Challenge

Basketball Drills: Quick Contests with Coach Tony Miller

Inspired by Kobe Bryant, Wisconsin man Donates Dr. Dish Machine to Local High School

Basketball Drills: Stagger Screen Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Dr. Dish iC3 Shot Trainer Set Up and Assembly Tutorial

Basketball Drill: Pick & Roll Progression w/Skylar Diggins-Smith

How Kobe Bryant's Mamba Legacy Lives On

Boston Celtics Guard Dennis Schröder Trains with Dr. Dish

What is the Ideal Release Point for Players?

Basketball Drills: Drive, Kick, Pop Progression with Lindsay Whalen

NBA Hall of Famer Tim Duncan Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Basketball Drills: Drive, Kick, Replace with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Family Brings Home Three Olympic Gold Medals

Basketball Drills: Heavy Step with WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins-Smith

4 Things Players Should Focus More on During their Off-Season Training

Dr. Dish Welcomes the Hoosier Shooting Academy to the Dr. Dish Family

Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Come Visit Us in The Dish Lab Shooting Academy

Basketball Drills: Star Drill with Lindsay Whalen

Basketball Drills: Decision Making Drill with Coach Tony Miller

One-Armed Mamba Kat Tan Seeks to Inspire Basketball Players Around the World

Basketball Drills: 27 Game with 4x WNBA Champion Lindsay Whalen

Basketball Drills: 5 Spots, 3 Shots with Skylar Diggins-Smith

Back By Popular Demand: Virtual Camp 2.0

Basketball Drills: Pass, Chase, Screen, Space, with Coach Tony Miller

Increasing Your Role on your Team this Upcoming Basketball Season

Basketball Drills: Flash to Space with Skylar Diggins-Smith

Dr. Dish Home Winner From 24 Hours of Nothing But Net w/Debbie Antonelli

ESPN Analyst and NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins Joins #DrDishFam

Dr. Dish Featured in US Weekly 2021 Gift Guide

Dr. Dish Summer 2021 Basketball Event Calendar

Basketball Drills: 300 Shot Challenge with Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Chicago Action with Coach Tony Miller

San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson Donates a Dr. Dish to Lanier High School

AAU Basketball: Is Playing Level More Important than Playing Time?

Basketball Drills: 3 Shot Streak Challenge with Skylar Diggins-Smith

What Players Should Focus on When Shooting with Coach Miller and Coach Mason

Happy Father's Day to Our #DrDishDads

Basketball Drills: Competitive Shooting Drills with Coach Mason

Dr. Dish Partners with Rising Stars Sports Academy & NBA Skills Trainer Chris Thomas

Why Ole Miss Head Women's Coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin Loves Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Shooting Footwork Fundamentals with Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Timed Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How to Eliminate Stress and Have a Successful Summer

Top EuroLeague Teams Train with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball Welcomes Skylar Diggins-Smith to the Family

Basketball Shooting Drill: 11 Game Drill with Lindsay Whalen

Becoming a Better Free Throw Shooter with Coach Mason and Coach Miller

10 Ways to Maximize Your Offseason

Byron Scott: Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: Pin Down

Triple Gap Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Why Basketball Shooting Machines are now Necessary

The Importance of Form Shooting with Coach Tony Miller and Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Snaking the Screen with Coach Moris Hadzija

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