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Basketball Drills: Chase the Pass with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Dribble Pull Up Shooting with SportsEdTV

Basketball Drills: Side Pick & Roll with Joe Abunassar

Basketball Drills: 2 Spot Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Player Advice: How to Balance School and Sports

Allie Quigley Leads Chicago Sky to First Ever WNBA title

Unboxing and Assembling your New Dr. Dish Rebel+/All-Star+

Basketball Drills: Trail Three Center with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Fam Members Skylar Diggins-Smith and Allie Quigley Meet in WNBA finals

Basketball Drills: Up and Back Shooting Drill with SportsEdTV

Home Business Expert Amy Hunt LOVES The Dr. Dish iC3 Shot Trainer

Basketball Drills: Corner Hand Off with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Fam NBA 2k22 Ratings

Q&A With ASVEL Coach Pierre Parker

3 Ways to Make a Shooting Machine Affordable

Dr. Dish Home Membership: Our Most Asked Questions

Basketball Drills: Flare Screen Shooting with Tony Miller

Basketball Challenge: Relocation Shooting with Joe Abunassar

NBA and Euro Basketball Veteran Nikola Mirotic Joins the Dr. Dish Fam

The X-Factors in the WNBA Playoffs' Opening Round

Basketball Drill: Hip Switch with Skylar Diggins-Smith

USA's Dominance On the Court Translates to Wheelchair Basketball

Basketball Drills: Boomerang Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How to Think, Practice, and Play like a Champion this School Year

4 Ways to Turn Your Goals into Habits

Basketball Drills: Curl, Pop, Flare Progression with Lindsay Whalen

Our Top 3 Features Used by Championship Programs

Our Results of Interviewing 100 Parents on Their Training Preferences

How Hoosier Shooting Academy is Changing the Game in Player Development

Basketball Drills: Wing to Wing with Joe Abunassar

Where is Dr. Dish? Fall 2021 Basketball Clinics

NBA Veteran Ersan Ilyasova joins the Dr. Dish Family

Dr. Dish FIBA 3x3 Shoot-Out Contest Challenge

Basketball Drills: Quick Contests with Coach Tony Miller

Inspired by Kobe Bryant, Wisconsin man Donates Dr. Dish Machine to Local High School

Basketball Drills: Stagger Screen Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Dr. Dish iC3 Shot Trainer Set Up and Assembly Tutorial

Basketball Drill: Pick & Roll Progression w/Skylar Diggins-Smith

How Kobe Bryant's Mamba Legacy Lives On

Boston Celtics Guard Dennis Schröder Trains with Dr. Dish

What is the Ideal Release Point for Players?

Basketball Drills: Drive, Kick, Pop Progression with Lindsay Whalen

NBA Hall of Famer Tim Duncan Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Basketball Drills: Drive, Kick, Replace with Joe Abunassar

Dr. Dish Family Brings Home Three Olympic Gold Medals

Basketball Drills: W Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Heavy Step with WNBA All-Star Skylar Diggins-Smith

4 Things Players Should Focus More on During their Off-Season Training

Dr. Dish Welcomes the Hoosier Shooting Academy to the Dr. Dish Family

Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Come Visit Us in The Dish Lab Shooting Academy

Basketball Drills: Star Drill with Lindsay Whalen

Basketball Drills: Decision Making Drill with Coach Tony Miller

One-Armed Mamba Kat Tan Seeks to Inspire Basketball Players Around the World

Basketball Drills: 27 Game with 4x WNBA Champion Lindsay Whalen

Basketball Drills: 5 Spots, 3 Shots with Skylar Diggins-Smith

Back By Popular Demand: Virtual Camp 2.0

Basketball Drills: Pass, Chase, Screen, Space, with Coach Tony Miller

Increasing Your Role on your Team this Upcoming Basketball Season

Basketball Drills: Flash to Space with Skylar Diggins-Smith

Dr. Dish Home Winner From 24 Hours of Nothing But Net w/Debbie Antonelli

ESPN Analyst and NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins Joins #DrDishFam

Dr. Dish Featured in US Weekly 2021 Gift Guide

Dr. Dish Summer 2021 Basketball Event Calendar

Basketball Drills: 300 Shot Challenge with Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Chicago Action with Coach Tony Miller

San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson Donates a Dr. Dish to Lanier High School

AAU Basketball: Is Playing Level More Important than Playing Time?

Basketball Drills: 3 Shot Streak Challenge with Skylar Diggins-Smith

What Players Should Focus on When Shooting with Coach Miller and Coach Mason

Happy Father's Day to Our #DrDishDads

Basketball Drills: Competitive Shooting Drills with Coach Mason

Dr. Dish Partners with Rising Stars Sports Academy & NBA Skills Trainer Chris Thomas

Why Ole Miss Head Women's Coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin Loves Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Shooting Footwork Fundamentals with Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Timed Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How to Eliminate Stress and Have a Successful Summer

Top EuroLeague Teams Train with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Basketball Welcomes Skylar Diggins-Smith to the Family

Basketball Shooting Drill: 11 Game Drill with Lindsay Whalen

Becoming a Better Free Throw Shooter with Coach Mason and Coach Miller

10 Ways to Maximize Your Offseason

Byron Scott: Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: Pin Down

Triple Gap Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Why Basketball Shooting Machines are now Necessary

The Importance of Form Shooting with Coach Tony Miller and Coach Mason

Basketball Drills: Snaking the Screen with Coach Moris Hadzija

Dr. Dish Announces Partnership with French Federation of Basketball

Byron Scott Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: The "L" Drill

How to Create Your Own Workouts From Scratch in the Dr. Dish TMS

Coaching Keys to Success with 3x NBA Champion Byron Scott (VIDEO)

How to Get Noticed as a Recruit this Off-Season

Complete Your Court Dr. Dish Giveaway Recap

Basketball Drills: Attacking the Switch vs. Pick and Roll

Why ESPN's Debbie Antonelli is Making 2,400 Free Throws in 24 Hours

Q&A With Player Development Coach Moris Hadzija

Basketball Drills: Stunt and Space Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How Dr. Dish Basketball Celebrated World Wish Day

The Perfect Basketball Warm-Up Routine

Building the #2 Ranked High School Program in the Nation

Byron Scott Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: Slide & Shoot

Basketball Drills: Closeout Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How Montezuma’s Boulton Sisters Are Using Dr. Dish to Break Records

Dr. Dish Sponsors Special Olympics Minnesota Spring Sports Season

The Next Step in Player Development with Jake Rauchbach

Byron Scott Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: Elbow Conditioning Shooting

Pre-Game Work: The Holistic Approach with Jake Rauchbach

Around The Horn Shooting Drill - 35 Reps in 2 and Half Minutes

5 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a Shooting Machine

How to Own Your Emotions During Crunch Time with Jake Rauchbach

Basketball Drills: 2-on-1 Shooting Drill with Tony Miller

3 Ways to Maximize the 2021 Off-Season

Byron Scott Dr. Dish Shooting Drill: Run & Shoot

Dr. Dish Welcomes LDLC Asvel and Tony Parker Adequat Academy

Basketball Drills: Transition Offense with Coach Tony Miller

How Midwest Basketball Training Raised $15,000 for Ace in the City

Dr. Dish Welcomes Byron Scott to the Family with an NBA Shooting Challenge

How Pinkerton Academy Used Dr. Dish to Win More Games

How John Townsend Became a Veteran NBA Shooting Coach

Dr. Dish Partners with SportsEdTV for Video Instruction Series

NBA Shooting Drills: Streak Shooting with John Townsend

Dr. Dish Partners with Elite Skills Trainer Ryan Razooky

How This Midwest Basketball Facility is Growing With Dr. Dish

Ball Handling Drills: Disconnect Drill with Ryan Razooky

Everything you need to know about the All-New Dr. Dish All-Star+

Becoming Basketball Standouts in Football Country with Dr. Dish Home

NBA Shooting Drills: Relocation with John Townsend

Everything You Need to Know About the All-New Dr. Dish Rebel+

Shared Similarities of Great Shooters with Coach Tony Miller

Ball Handling Drills: 2 Ball Rhythm with Ryan Razooky

Is Familiar Better? These 3 Examples Show it May Not Be...

Our Unexpected Recommendations for Your Post-Season Player Evaluations

Introducing Dr. Dish Multiplayer Tracking

AAU Girls and Boys Basketball Partners with Dr. Dish

NBA Master Trainer Chris Johnson Partners with Dr. Dish

2 & Out Shooting Drill with Coach John Townsend

Intentional Practice with Coach Tony Miller and Coach Jefferson Mason

Dr. Dish Opens the Dish Lab Shooting Academy

How One MN Family is Using the Dr. Dish Home to Build Their Legacy

iC3 Basketball Drills: Partner Closeout and Shoot Drill

Ball Handling Drills: Quick Split with Jordan Lawley

Basketball Drills: Contested Closeout Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

How Ability360 is Making Basketball Accessible for Adapted Athletes

How Dr. Dish Home Compares To Traditional Training

NBA Shooting Challenge: Plus 5 Shooting with Coach John Townsend

Spot Shooting Challenge with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Skills Training vs. 1-on-1 Play

Ball Handling Drills: In and Out Shift with Ryan Razooky

How Noah Taylor became an Elite Shooter in 8th Grade

How Wethersfield high school is getting better during uncertain times

Dr. Dish Home a Men's Journal Health & Wellness Top Pick

Vince Carter Shooting Drill: 42s with NBA Shooting Coach John Townsend

Dr. Dish Featured in February Issue of GQ Magazine as a 2021 Must-Have

New to the Dr. Dish Fam? Start Here!

Ball Handling Drills: Off Hand Dribbling with Jordan Lawley

How to Shoot Better Off the Dribble with Coach Miller and Coach Mason

From the Dish Lab to Home: Unboxing the BEST Holiday Gift EVER

Dr. Dish Welcomes Florida International University

NBA Shooting Warm Up Shooting Progression for Distance with John Townsend

How To Set Goals as a Basketball Player

Dr. Dish Welcomes Big East Coach of the Year Greg McDermott

8 Things to Do Within the Dr. Dish Player App

Ball Handling Drills: 1 Ball Rhythm with Ryan Razooky

A Conversation: Shooting Form with Coach Tony Miller and Coach Mason

Introducing Achievements and Favorites on the Dr. Dish Home

5 Features to Compare When Shopping Home Basketball Training Solutions

Basketball Shooting Machines: A Buyers Guide

Hall of Fame Coach Rick Pitino Joins the Dr. Dish Family

Coach Mason & Tony Miller Discuss the NEW Dr. Dish Rebel+ & All-Star+

Basic Warm Up Progression with NBA Shooting Coach John Townsend

A Happy New Year From Our Founder and CEO, Doug Campbell

4 Opportunities Available for Athletes to Maximize During COVID

4 Ways to Keep your Training Unique and Fun

Basketball Drills: Fly By's with Ryan Razooky

Our Top Blog Posts & Drills of 2020

How to Improve Your 3-Point Percentage with Jake Rauchbach

Ball Handling Drills: Lunge Ball Manipulation with Jordan Lawley

Basketball Drills: Read & React Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Baseline Drift with Coach Tony Miller

Basketball Drills: Harden Step Back with Ryan Razooky

Jack Barker: America's Next Top Hooper?

Basketball Shooting Challenge: Level Up Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Team Shooting Drills: UW-Milwaukee DHO Combo

Our Top 5 Most Asked Questions Answered: Dr. Dish Home and IC3

Basketball Drills: Drift and Lift with Ryan Razooky

Basketball Shooting Drills: Pressure Shooting with Coach Tony Miller

Dr. Dish Extends Integrated Partnership with Rising Coaches Organization

Team Shooting Drills: UW-Milwaukee Shot Frenzy

Basketball Shooting Drills: L-Cuts with Coach Tony Miller

Dr. Dish Welcomes NBA Superstar Luka Doncic to the Family

Basketball Team Shooting Drills: Zone Flash

iC3 Basketball Drills: Partner Shuffle & Shoot Drill

Basketball Drills: Baseline Shooting Drill with Coach Tony Miller

The Top Traits of Great Coaches

How Athletes Can Navigate COVID-19 Recruiting Challenges

Basketball Training: Practice Versus Skill Development

Basketball Shooting Drills: Drive and Kick with Coach Tony Miller

Team Shooting Drills: UW-Milwaukee Celtic Shooting Challenge

Top 13 Gifts for Basketball Players

Basketball Mentality: It's all About the Energy with Jake Rauchbach

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