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10 Reads, Watches, and Listens for Coaches and Players to Get Motivated

Shifty Ball Handling Workout with Ryan Razooky

How to Maximize Players Skills While Training At Home (Recorded Presentation)

Talking Basketball & It's "New Normal" with Greg Stiemsma & Coach Mason

How We've Responded to COVID-19

Basketball Drills: Russell Westbrook Downhill Series with Jordan Lawley

4 Tips for a Successful Sweat at Home

Kobe Pivot Shot Progression with Ryan Razooky

Meet Our Dr. Dish Trainers

A Look Inside the New Dr. Dish Home App

8 Things Mentally Tough Basketball Players Do

Team Shooting Drills: UW-Milwaukee Post Relocation

Introducing Dr. Dish Multiplayer Tracking

Career Day at Dr. Dish Basketball

Basketball Team Drills: Louisville X Out Jumpers

How to Stand Out When Shots Aren't Falling

Hear What UW-Milwaukee Says About Their Dr. Dish CT Machines

Basketball Shooting Challenge: Plus/Minus 66

Train Your Mind: Complete Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee

What One Parent Has to Say About Dr. Dish Home

Florida Gators Team Transition Shooting Progression

What is a Basketball Shooting Machine?

Dr. Dish CT Unboxing (video reveal)

Louisville Basketball Shooting Drill: 7 In the Pot

How Work Ethic Helped Develop One of the Best Shooters in Ohio History

The Top Traits of Great  Basketball Shooters

UNLV Basketball Challenge: 25s Shooting

Suggested Accessories for your Basketball Shooting Machine

How to Determine Your Kid's Basketball Skill Level and Next Steps

Team Basketball Shooting Drills: Spread Pass and Cut

3 Ways to Get Your Kids Practicing Basketball More at Home

Louisville Basketball Team Drill: Full and Fast

Looking Back at an Incredible 2019 at Dr. Dish Basketball

Basketball Drills: Florida Gators Baseline Runner Pick & Pop

Dr. Dish X She Got Game Classic Girl's Basketball

Reset Your Basketball Mindset For 2020

Basketball Drills: Louisville X Out Layups

Our Top Blog Posts & Drills of 2019

7 Steps to Building Your At Home Basketball Court

Basketball Drills: UNLV Post Screen the Screener

Top 3 Reasons Parents Love Dr. Dish

University of Louisville Team Drill: Guard Transition Run

3 Basketball Drills To Do At Home

Basketball Team Drills: Flare Shooting

Dr. Dish Home Membership: What You Need To Know

What 100 Parents Said About Their Basketball Training Preferences & Costs

Florida Gators Team Drill: Split Cut Action

Introducing Dr. Dish Home

Basketball Shooting: 8 Ways to Increase Confidence

Basketball Shooting Machine Drills: DHO Drift Kick Back

Basketball Drills: Louisville Zone Busters

Top 13 Gifts for Basketball Players

8 Types of Basketball Shots and Fundamentals Not Worked on Enough

Duke Transition Shooting Drills

Skill Development: Why Guards Should Work on Their Post Skills

Dr. Dish Training Management System Webinar Recap & Recording

Florida Gators Team Shooting Drill: Corner Lift into Dribble Hand Off

Basketball Drills: UNLV Sideline to Sideline Shooting

Louisville Post Drill: Double, Dive, Repost

How to Use Compassion to Build Chemistry: Mike Lee Mindfulness Series (6 of 6)

Basketball Tryout Tips For This Season

5 Ways to "Play It Present": Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (5 of 6)

Decision Making Basketball Shooting Drill: Drive, Kick, Read

3 Myths of Meditation: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (4 of 6)

Duke Finishing Drill: Catch, Rip, Attack

You Talked, We Listened: Workout Completion Notifications

The Importance of Visualization to Success: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (3 of 6)

NBA Veteran Quincy Pondexter Talks About His Journey as a Pro

University of Florida Team Shooting Drill: Skip Pass Closeouts

Patience x Process: Mindfulness Series with Mike Lee (2 of 6)

Congrats to Our Nationwide Dr. Dish Giveaway Winners!

How DJ Sackmann Became a Premier Basketball Trainer

Basketball Drills: UNLV Drive Kick Backside Screen

Supporting Our Heroes: The Pain Free Patriots Gala

Pro Workout with NBA Veteran Quincy Pondexter in the Dish Lab

Basketball & Mindfulness: Getting Started with Mike Lee (Part 1 of 6)

Basketball Drills: Louisville 3 Second Spot Shots

How Arica Carter Transformed Her Game from 0-15 to the Final Four and WNBA

Team Shooting Drills: Drift Kickback with Positionless Basketball

Basketball Drills: Runners Workout with DJ Sackmann

Where is Dr. Dish? Fall 2019 Basketball Clinics

Basketball Drills: Elbow Progression with Pat the Roc

Duke Basketball Team Drill: Transition Post Elbow Read

Road to the NBA: Dr. Dish Visits the 2019 RBA Showcase

It's Her Time to Play: All Girls Basketball Camp

Basketball Drills: UNLV Ball Screen Post Dive

Dr. Dish Featured at 3 on 3 Outdoor Tournament

Basketball Drills: Speed Stop/Touch Step Back Series with Jordan Lawley

Team Basketball Shooting Machine Drills: Double Screen Action

Basketball Drills: Push Cross Workout with DJ Sackmann

Louisville Full Court Drill: Transition Post Run

Efficient Training vs. Over Training in Basketball

Duke Team Shooting: You-Me Action

Basketball Drills: Step Up Screen Options with Jordan Lawley

How Jordan Lawley Has Built a Basketball Training Empire

Parent Company of Dr. Dish Building a Multi-Sport Empire

How Dr. Dish Helped Build this Freshman of the Year & State Tournament Team

Team Basketball Drills: Continuous Shooting with Positionless Basketball

Partner Basketball Drills: Drive and Kick with DJ Sackmann

What Should Your Eyes Follow When You Shoot?

Dr. Dish All-Star Machine Overview

Team Shooting Drills: Motion Pass & Cut

Building a Successful Program: Arizona Compass Prep & Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Footwork Workout with Jordan Lawley

3 on 3 Pick and Roll Reads with Coach Liam Flynn

Where is Dr. Dish? July 2019

Basketball Drills: Fake Snake Pick and Roll with DJ Sackmann

Duke Team Shooting Drill: Drive and Retreat

Dr. Dish featuring Team + Coaches Content and More!

Finishing Against Defense: Ball Screen Roll Drill with Coach Petersen

Dr. Dish CT Featured at Professional Basketball Showcases

Team Drills: Drive Kick Clear Concepts (Part 3) - 3 vs. 2 - with Liam Flynn

6 Summer Training Tips

Does High School Basketball NEED a Shot Clock?

Basketball Drills: Partner Dribble Hand Off Actions with DJ Sackmann

Dr. Dish CT Unguarded (Machine Tutorial)

Duke Team Shooting Drill: Flare into Ball Screen on Dr. Dish CT

The Dr. Dish Training Management System  - EXPOSED! (Full Demo)

3 Ways to Attack Pressure Defense on the Catch

Basketball Shooting Footwork: 1-2 vs. The Hop

ESPN's Debbie Antonelli Makes 2,400 FT's on Her Dr. Dish - Raises 75k For Special Olympics

Basketball Drills: Floater Series with Jordan Lawley

How Doane University Put Up over 34,000 Shots in 4 weeks Using Dr. Dish CT

Off-Season Training Myths

Team Drills: 2 on 1 Reaction Drills with Coach Liam Flynn

Basketball Shooting Progression Drill with Gee Gervin

AAU Basketball: Pro's, Con's and Beyond

Basketball Drills: Wing Shift Progression with Drew Hanlen

Dr. Dish Launches Training Programs

How Dr. Dish is Helping Build This High School Phenom and Win State Titles

Welcome to Complete Training - Dr. Dish CT Versatility

Team Drills: Drive, Kick, Clear Concepts with Coach Liam Flynn

15 Team Building Activity Ideas

Celebrating Our 1st Dr. Dish CT Customers

Step Back Series Workout with Jordan Lawley

Team Motion Shooting Drills: The Curl Action

Visit Dr. Dish Basketball at the Final Four

How the Game of Basketball Saved My Life

Zig Zag Shooting Workout with Pat the Roc

9 Ways to Get More Open Shots in a Game

Basketball Drills: Mid Post Jab Workout with Drew Hanlen

Basketball Drills: Combo Shooting Workout with Mike Dunn

Top 10 Favorite Playoff Quotes to Inspire Your Team

Building a Successful Program with Coach Donyes of Link Year Prep

Dr. Dish Partners with Timberwolves and Lynx Academy for Presidents Day Clinic

Basketball Drills: Dynamic Shooting Workout

Basketball Shooting Drills: Mid-Range Curl workout with Mike Dunn

Is Shooting The Most Important Skill in Basketball?

6 Things Great Players Do Outside of Practice/All Year Long

Basketball Drills: Pass Fake Shooting Workout with Bre Salley

Wing Ball Screen Series Workout with Drew Hanlen

Dr. Dish Workout Library Get's a NEW Look!

How To Remain Enthusiastic at the End of a Long Season

Basketball Shooting Drills: The Gauntlet with Mike Dunn

Train Alongside Pro Basketball Trainers with the NEW Dr. Dish CT (VIDEO)

15 Minute Basketball Shooting Workout With Bre Salley

"Why We Love Dr. Dish": Brian Gregory of South Florida

Basketball Workout with Pat the Roc: Combo Move Jumper

Introducing Dr. Dish CT: 5 Questions & Answers

Basketball Workouts: Downhill Shooting

Basketball Moves: Fake Reverse Layup With Bre Salley

A Q&A with Basketball Shooting Guru, Mike Dunn

Basketball Shooting Workout: On the Move Shooting

Basketball Legend, Pat the Roc Visits the Dish Lab

Basketball Moves: The Step Through with Bre Salley

How To Build Fan Engagement in Your Program

The Importance of Keeping a Clean Social Media Footprint as an Athlete

Welcome to the Dr. Dish Family, Mike Conley Jr.

Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Corner Lift Shooting

The Importance of Telling Your Players You Believe in Them

Dr. Dish Launches First Exclusive Women's Initiative Campaign

How Intentional Attention Can Improve Your Game

4 Ways to Score off the Catch: Split Stance Series

The Perfect Basketball Warm-Up Routine

Basketball Practice: Maximizing Efficiency with Limited Space and Baskets

Are You Ready for the Basketball Season?

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Team Motion Shooting Workout

Get to Know Coach Salley - The Latest Dr. Dish Pro Trainer

Basketball Drills: Pinch Post Series With Jordan Delp

Overcoming The Fear of Failure

The Ultimate Basketball Holiday Gift: Dr. Dish At Home

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: 5 Star Pull-Up Workout

Do Your Players Work for You? The Argument for Servant Leadership in Coaching

Basketball Drills: Reading the 2nd Line of Defense

3 Tips to Calm Your Nerves During Big Games

Why Music is Important in Basketball Training

Basketball Drills: 12 Flare Combo with Jordan Delp of Pure Sweat

Pro Shooting Workout with Courtney Boylan-Douglass

Unboxing Your New Dr. Dish! (Video Tutorial)

NBA Shooting Workout with Boston Celtics SG/SF Semi Ojeleye

Drill of the Week: Bre Salley Go-To Move

Arizona Team Goes 22-0: A Success Story With Dr. Dish

3 Keys to Pre-Season Success

Pro Basketball Workout: Game-Like Preparation with David Hicks

Sacramento Kings Point Guard, Frank Mason III Visits the Dish Lab

How To Build Community Awareness Around Your Program

How to Get Out of a Shooting Slump

5 Out Offense: Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout Part 2

Where is Dr. Dish: October 2018

Youth Basketball Camp: Dr. Dish Joins Midwest 3 on 3 Boot Camp

Dr. Dish App Now Integrated With Spotify

Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Pinch Post Away from the Basket

3 Reasons to Buy a Dr. Dish Before the Season

2018 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes Winners Announced by Sacramento Kings PG, Frank Mason

How to Dominate Freshman Year as a Student-Athlete

Beat The Pro: Skill Builder Basketball Challenge

Dr. Dish Goes Down Under (LIVE Demo Video Included)

How To Motivate Players to be Leaders in the Classroom

Youth Basketball: Back to The Basics > 5 Layup Finishes

Why We Chose Dr. Dish: Keric & Catherine Seck

Partner Spacing and Multi-Cut Shooting Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Drill of the Week: Jab Series with Bre Salley

Basketball Pre-Season: Recharge Your Body and Mind

Where is Dr. Dish: September 2018

Basketball Drills: Multi Stop Challenge with DJ Sackmann

Dr. Dish Basketball: Super Celebrity Showdown

4 Characteristics of Mentally Tough Players

How to Create Space off a Pin Down with Reid Ouse

Is a Shooting Machine Really THAT Expensive?

Basketball Drills: Footwork Shooting

Road to the NBA: RBA sports and Technology Showcase

6 Tips for Sticking With It, Even When You’re Defeated

14 Fundraising Ideas for your Program

Continuous Lift Shooting with Jordan Delp

Where is Dr. Dish: August 2018

How to Better Understand Performance Psychology as a Coach

4 Things You Should be Doing in the Off-Season

Dr. Dish Joins the Professional Basketball Combine

5 Out Offense: Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout

Why Basketball Shooting Machines Are Becoming a Necessity

3 Ways to Improve Ball-Handling vs Pressure Defense

Wide Pin Down Series 1 and 2 with Jordan Delp of Pure Sweat

Dr. Dish New Feature Release: Workout Activity Options Expanded

Basketball Coaching: How to Define a Quality Shot

Basketball Drills: Advanced Two Ball Handling Drills with Reid Ouse

Innovation Never Stops: Dr. Dish Launches New Away From the Basket Technology in Skill Builder

Basketball Drills: Push Step Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Drills: Pop Wing Drift Corner Shooting

The Sports Lesson I Wish I Could Give My Ten-Year Old Self

Basketball Drills: Baseline Shooting Skill Builder Workout

4 Keys to Setting Great Screens (P.A.S.S.)

Basketball Drills: Screen and Pop Actions with Bre Salley

The Best Basketball Shooting Camp: Breakthrough Basketball & Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Lift Fake Punch Side Step with Jordan Lawley

What "Greatness" Really Means

Basketball Drills: Game-Like Post and Pop Shooting

180 Club Shooters: Breaking Down the Best in College Basketball

Basketball Drills: Pick and Pop Series with Greg Stiemsma

3 Ways Basketball Players Can Lead by Example in the Off-Season

Basketball Shooting Drills: The Floppy Action

Basketball Drills: 5 Star Double Move Shooting Workout

Basketball Coaching: 3 Tips For a Successful Off-season

Help and Recover Drill from Joe Abunassar of Impact Basketball

Basketball Coaching: Improving Team Communication in the Off-season

Basketball Drills: Corner Closeout Options

The Power of Consistency: 4 Ways to Get Better Faster

Basketball Drills: Multi-Cut Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Coaching: Choosing Team Captains

Basketball Drills: Snake Screen Progression

Basketball Coaching: The Importance of Mentorship

Basketball Drills: Step Back vs. Step Out with Reid Ouse

Ball Handling Drills: How to Manipulate the Basketball

3 Quick Ways to Create a Positive Practice Environment

Basketball Drills: High Fake Shimmy Pop Progression Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Coaching: 4 Ways to Remain Mentally Strong Towards the End of the Season

Basketball Drills: Post and Relocate Action with Greg Stiemsma

How to Create a Basketball Program of Great Shooters

Basketball Drills: Skip Crossover Progression Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Tips: 3 Keys to Blowing Past Your Defender

Basketball Drills: Stop Separation Series with Coach Reid Ouse

6 Common Mistakes High School Players Make During the Recruiting Process

Basketball Drills: Triple Move Ball Handling with Jordan Lawley

Basketball Coaching: How To Win With Less Talent

Basketball Drills: Greg Stiemsma's Favorite NBA Move

Basketball Shooting Drills: 30 Minute Skill Builder Workout

"Be Better Everyday." Watch this Video to be Inspired

3 Ways to Change Your Team Mentality From "ME" to "WE"

The Best of the Best Choose Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Rip Pull Up Series with Positionless Basketball

8 Ways to be a Great Teammate

Basketball Drills: Spacial Movement Series

3 Tips to Help Balance Basketball and School

Instagram Star, Mike Dunn, Visits the Dish Lab

Basketball Drills: Attacking the Screen Skill Builder Workout

Basketball Drills: Reaction Shooting with Midwest 3 on 3

Basketball Coaching: The Importance of Setting Season Team Goals

Basketball Shooting Drills: Skill Builder Workout with Mike Dunn

Why You Should Choose a Theme and Focus for Each Practice

How Your Practices Should Evolve Throughout The Season

Basketball Drills: Post 45 Series with Positionless Basketball

Basketball Drills: 20 Minute Shooting and Conditioning Workout

Dr. Dish Coaches Clinic Recap

Team Basketball Shooting Drills: Baseline Cutter

Basketball Coaching And Dealing With Parents

Basketball Drills: Skill Builder 15 Minute Shooting Workout

Basketball Coaching: How To Build a Cohesive Team This Season

Basketball Drills: Utilizing the Shot Fake with Midwest 3 on 3

Dr. Dish Basketball Visits Pure Sweat in Los Angeles

Basketball Drills: Gretzky Series with Positionless Basketball

Coach Mason: How Coaching Helped Me Develop Confidence as a Player

Basketball Drills: Partner Shooting and Handles

Basketball Drills: Decision Making Closeouts with Positionless Basketball

From Skeptic to Believer: Why an Elite Trainer is "All-In" with Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Competition Shooting With Midwest 3 on 3

Getting out of your Comfort Zone with Basketball Training

Basketball Quotes: Achieve your Goals by Maximizing Your Potential

Basketball Drills: Snatch Back Hesitation Shooting

Basketball Drills: Side Step Jumper Using the Pull-Back

Why Baylor Basketball Upgraded to Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Change of Direction Shooting

Basketball Training: Development While Active in Other Sports

Basketball Drills: Triple Moves and Finishing at the Rim

Coach Mason Visits the Belgian Basketball Clinic

Basketball Tips: How to Become a Better Passer

Basketball Drills: Sideline to Sideline Shooting Workout

Corner Lift Shooting with Coach Nick of BballBreakdown

Dr. Dish Basketball Visits Mounds View High School (MN)

Team Drills: Drive and Pitch Drills with Coach Ed Andrist

Basketball Player Tips: Why Footwork is Key to Success

Chinese Phenom, Yanhao Zhao, Visits Dr. Dish Basketball

Basketball Drills: Markelle Fultz Body to Body Step-Backs

Coach Mason Joins the Pure Sweat Basketball Show

Team Shooting Drills: Catch & Go Reads with Coach Ed Andrist

Basketball Drills: Lonzo Ball Change of Pace Floaters

Dr. Dish Summer Basketball Camp Was a Huge Success

Three Reasons to Focus on Details when Off-Season Training

Team Drive and Kick Shooting Drills with Coach Ed Andrist

Coach Mason Hosts Dr. Dish Clinic For Local High School

Basketball Drills: Damian Lillard Streak Shooting

Why the University of Utah Basketball Upgraded to Dr. Dish

Why Switching to Dr. Dish was an Easy Decision for Coach Carter

Basketball Drills: LeBron James Pull-Back Shooting Workout

Basketball Drills: Mid-Range Scoring Options

Basketball Drills: Attacking on the Catch with Coach Nick of BballBreakdown

Coach Mason Joins the Coaching U Podcast with Brendan Suhr

The Importance of Molding Your Coaching Around Your Players

Dr. Dish Basketball Visits the Boo Williams NIKE EYBL Invitational

Basketball Drills: Isaiah Thomas In & Out Cross Workout

3 Ways to Maintain a Winning Mindset in the Off-Season

Basketball Drills: Ball-Handling and Reverse Pivot Shooting

Pine City (MN): The Team that is Revolutionizing High School Basketball

Basketball Drills: Gordon Hayward Downhill Screen Scoring

Basketball Coaches: 3 Ways to Stay Accountable in the Off-Season

Basketball Drills: Baseline Flare Shooting with Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Klay Thompson Transition Shooting

Dr. Dish State Champs: The Patrick School in New Jersey

Drill of the Week: Baseline Flare into Finishing at the Hoop

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Carmelo Anthony Step Across Shooting

Basketball Drills: Wing Area and Curl Scoring Options

3 Ways to Simulate Game Actions in an Empty Gym

Skill Builder: Steve Nash Hesitation Shooting Workout

How the University of South Florida stays Hi-Tech with Dr. Dish

The Ultimate Off-Season Checklist to Gain an Edge

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: NBA Cross-Step Workout

Skills and Drills – Michigan 2 Guard Offense with Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Corner Lift Shooting Workout

Basketball Drills: Middle Drive Reads with Trainer Mike Lee

Dr. Dish Skill Builder Receives Gold Medal for "Excellence in Innovation"

3 Things to Remind Your Team in the Post-Season

Dr. Dish Visits Five-Star Basketball Camp

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Manu Ginobili Dribble Step Move Workout

Basketball Quotes: Preparing For Greatness

Basketball Drills: Mike Lee Baseline Drives with Dr. Dish

Four Tips to Build a Cohesive Team in the Off-Season

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: Reaction Shooting Workout

Checking in With The Winner of the 1st 2017 Dr. Dish Sweepstakes!

Dr. Dish Skill Builder: 5 Star Shooting Workout

3 Ways to Handle Nerves at the End of the Season

An Inside Look Inside Coach Mason's Dunks and Motivation

Basketball Drills: Stephen Curry's Favorite Combo Move

Dr. Dish Basketball visits Pat The Roc Skills Academy

Benefits of the Dr. Dish Training Management System Featuring the New Skill Builder

Dr. Dish Basketball Unveils Skill Builder

Basketball Drills: 1-on-1 with Pat The Roc

Basketball Shooting Drills: Team Closeout Drills

2 Simple Ways to Gain an Edge on Your Competition

Dean Smith Basketball Quotes on Becoming a Selfless Teammate

Basketball Practice Plan: 4 Tips to Stay Healthy Throughout the Season

Basketball Drills: Penetration Reads with Trainer Mike Lee

Brad Stevens Basketball Quotes: Mindset Is Everything

How Yale Basketball is Innovating with Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Chris Paul Change of Pace Shooting

Basketball Shooting Drills: Drive and Kick with Mike Lee

Basketball Quotes: Prepare to Win like Bobby Knight

Basketball Drills: James Harden Hesitation Scoring

Basketball Coaching: 4 Ways to Stay Positive During a Tough Season

Basketball Shooting Drills: Corner Wing Shooting Drill

Basketball Quotes: Enthusiasm and Positivity Leads to Success

Basketball Shooting Drills: Advanced Team Drills

How Texas A&M is Training Their Post Players With Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Ball-Handling/Wing Scoring Combo with Dr. Dish

Basketball Practice Plan: 3 Tips to Maximize Practice Time

Basketball Quotes: Bill Russell Quotes to Remember on the Court

BYU Women's Basketball Team Jumps on Board with Dr. Dish

Basketball Shooting Drills: Pure Sweat 5 Spot Combo Shooting

Lindsay Whalen Donates Shooting Machines to Hutchinson High School

Basketball Drills: How to Score in The Post With Drew Hanlen

Basketball Drills: 3 Kyrie Irving Step-Back Moves

How Dr. Dish Helped Turn One Basketball Trainer's Dream Into a Reality

Basketball Practice Plan: How to Fully Utilize Your Shooting Machine During the Season

Basketball Shooting Drills: Advanced Partner Workout

How NDSU uses their Dr. Dish to Make Better Decisions

Welcoming NBA Player Langston Galloway to the Dr. Dish Family

Basketball Drills: Inside/Outside Partner Workout

Basketball Shooting Machines: How Dr. Dish is making Professional Coaches more Productive

Basketball Shooting Machines: Why BYU Choosing Dr. Dish was a No Brainer

Basketball Training: Minnesota Lynx Guard, Lindsay Whalen at the #DishLab

Basketball Drills: Dribble Moves and Attacking from the Wing

Basketball Drills: Developing Quick Moves Off the Catch

Basketball Shooting Drills: Transition Shooting with Dr. Dish

How George Mason is Staying Accountable with Dr. Dish Shooting Machines

Why A Basketball Coaching Legend Chooses Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: 30 Minute Partner Workout on Dr. Dish

How St. Mary's University (MN) is Using Dr. Dish for Game-Like Training

Basketball Coaching Clinics: Pure Sweat Basketball Notes

Basketball Shooting Drills: Triple-Double Combo Rhythm Perimeter Shooting

Basketball Drills: How To Dominate The Post

How a Virginia Coach is Cultivating a Winning Culture With Dr. Dish

Basketball Drills: Dr. Dish Drill of the Week-Flare Action Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills: Steph Curry Drills with Coach Collin of Shot Mechanics

Basketball Quotes: 5 Quotes On Tenacity & Basketball

Basketball Coaching Clinics: George Mason University Notes

Basketball Drills: Drill of the Week - Ball Handling and Closeouts

Basketball Drills: Attacking the Ball Screen with Drew Hanlen

Basketball Drills: 4 Ways to Improve Rebounding

Basketball Drills: Dr. Dish Drill of the Week - Shooting off the Dribble

Basketball Drills: 3 Ways to Improve Finishing at the Rim

Basketball Training: 3 Ways to Ensure You're "All-In"

Basketball Coaching Clinics: Brayden Carr Foundation Notes

Basketball Quotes: 4 Quotes to Promote Team Camaraderie

Basketball Drills: Dr. Dish Drill of the Week - Handling, Finishing & Conditioning

Dr. Dish Partners with Pure Sweat Basketball

Basketball Drills: Becoming a Lock-down Defender

Basketball Drills: The 1st Dr. Dish Drill of the Week

Basketball Shooting Drills: Kyrie Irving Reaction Drills with Coach Collin

Why a modern Basketball Shooting Machine Should be at the Top of your Wish List

Basketball Drills: Developing a Floater

Introducing the "Dish Lab" for Basketball Training

Basketball Shooting Drills: Skills and Drills - Circle Move Team Shooting

Basketball Shooting Drills: Developing Proper Shooting Form

Basketball Quotes: 4 Quotes on the Importance of Being Coachable

Basketball Quotes: 10 Quotes Every Coach Should Live By

Basketball Drills: 5 Ball-Handling Fundamentals

How Western High School Fundraised for their Dr. Dish & How They're Making Money off of it

Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaway: August 10, 2016

Youth Basketball Drills: 4 Ways to Motivate Young Players

6 Ways Basketball Shooting Machines are Changing with the Times

Basketball Players: Understanding Your Role on Your Team

Basketball Coaching: The Importance Of Developing a Go-To Move

Basketball Shooting: 3 Footwork Styles of NBA Players

Basketball Shooting Drills: Skills and Drills – Hunt the Paint

The Top 20 Mistakes Made When Basketball Training

Basketball Coaching Clinics: Coaching U 2016 Recap

5 Basketball Quotes That Showcase Perseverance

Basketball Coaching Clinics: 2016 Team Sports Expo Recap

Basketball Practice Plan: Off-Season Goals Checklist

Basketball Shooting: 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Shot

Team Basketball Shooting Drills w/ Dr. Dish

Dr. Dish Q&A Series: Justin Scanson of FastModel Sports

Basketball Coaching: 3 Special Considerations to Make for Your Players

4 Words To Live By To Be A Better Coach

Basketball Coaching Clinics: 2016 Head Coach Training Center Recap

Basketball Camp Drills – Shooting w/ Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines

Dr. Dish Q&A Series: Professional Skills Trainer, Mike Lee

Basketball Shooting Drills: Turn Everyday Training into "Smart Training"

5 Basketball Quotes To Motivate You This Off-Season

Basketball Coaching: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

4 Ways To be an Effective Basketball Coach in the Off-Season

Basketball Shooting Drills For Post Players

Basketball Coaching: One Simple Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Basketball Fundraising: 4 Tips When Asking Your Booster Club for Funds

5 Ways to Gain An Edge With Your Basketball Shooting Machine

Basketball Shooting Drills: Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Basketball Shooting Drills For Your Offense - March Madness Edition

3 Signs That You're a Good Basketball Coach Despite Your Win-Loss Record

Why a Basketball Shooting Machine at Home is a Smart Investment

Basketball Coaching: 3 Ways to Build Confidence in Your Players

March Madness: 68 Of the Best Shooters from Each Team

March Madness: All 68 Teams Ranked on 3 Point Shooting

4 Common Problems With Outdated Basketball Shooting Machines

Basketball Coaching: 3 Common Mistakes Coaches Make in Big Games

Basketball Shooting Drills: The Flare Screen with Dr. Dish

3 Ways To Be An Effective Basketball Coach After a Tough Season

5 Basketball Quotes to Prepare for the Upcoming Big Game

Basketball Coaching: Confident or Arrogant?

A Modern Basketball Shooting Machine is More Affordable Than You Might Think

Basketball Drills: NBA Post Up Secrets

4 Signs Your Basketball Shooting Gun is Out of Date

Basketball Shooting: Are Shooters Born or Made?

Basketball Shooting Drills: Hammer Shooting With Dr. Dish

3 Basketball Quotes to Turn Your Captain into a Leader

Basketball Shooting Drills - Dr. Dish Full Court Shooting

Basketball Shooting Machines and 3 Factors of "Flow"

The Best Basketball Coaching Websites & Resources Online

Youth Basketball: 3 Parent Concerns & How To Address Them

Basketball Training Equipment: 4 Signs Yours is Out Of Date

Top 8 Basketball Quotes From Hall Of Fame Coaches

The "F" Word...4 Steps To Effective Basketball Fundraising

Basketball Coaching: 3 Easy Ways To Gain Respect From Your Team

Why the Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine is Unique in FastDraw

2015 Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine Giveaways

10 Basketball Quotes After A Tough Loss

4 Signs You Need a Basketball Shooting Machine

Shooting Poorly? 5 Basketball Quotes To Change Your Season

Basketball Practice Plan: 4 Ways to Motivate Your Players

Basketball Shooting: 3 Simple C’s to Focus On

5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing A Basketball Shooting Machine

The #1 Thing Missing From Your Basketball Practice Plan

The Basketball Coaching Guide To Winning State Titles

The Future of Basketball Fundraising

Basketball Practice Plan: Are You Measuring Stats?

Sports Safety: An Engineer's View On Basketball Training Equipment

Basketball Practice Plan: Train Like It’s The 4th Quarter

Basketball training equipment | Are you behind the training curve?

Newest Winner! Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine GiveAway

Basketball Training Equipment: Increase Your Player's Endurance

Raising Money for Basketball Training Equipment.. Coach Vera Tells All

Basketball Coaching: 4 words every athlete needs to hear

How To Hold Players Accountable With a Basketball Shooting Machine!

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