4 Things You Should be Doing in the Off-Season

Off season training looks different for everyone.  Some players kick their legs up and don’t get a sweat in for weeks after the end of a season. Other players are in the gym the very next day getting shots up. It can also vary based on what level you are playing at and how many sports you are juggling. 

But the important thing to remember is that you are the one that get's to define your off-season. 

Rest in the off season is incredibly important, especially if you are coming off of an injury or another sport. But don’t wait to get back into the gym if you’re healthy and hungry, especially now that preseason is creeping up. Just think about what you want to accomplish this season and what’s going to get you there.

It’s hard to emulate in-season training on your own in the summer (especially if you don't have a Dr. Dish). Keep your weeks consistent doing these 4 things and you’ll have no trouble getting “back into shape” come preseason.

#1 Weight Training

Some of the best things you can do are basic lifts on a consistent basis. In the off season, aim for at least 2 days a week of heavy weight training. Focus on compound exercises, those that engage multiple muscle groups— such as the Dead lift, Squat, and Bench Press. 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise is a good place to start. Start with low weight, perfect the form and build from there. lift

#2 High Intensity Training

Ever heard of HIIT training? You should be incorporating it. HIIT training is high intensity interval training of (typically) 3 rounds of 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  The goal is to get your heart rate up in a short amount of time. That’s what’s so great about this type of workout. Simply google HIIT workouts for some inspiration. TIP: Download a free HIIT Timer from the App store to help structure the workout.  

#3 Diet & Nutrition

Your diet is an essential part of your off season and preseason game plan. You don't have to be extreme or obsessive, but like anything you need to be consistent. Find what works well for your body and schedule. The most important thing when living an incredibly active lifestyle is to refuel with good proteins and drink lots of water!   

Check out our Pinterest for some healthy meal inspiration!


#4 Shots, Shots, Shots

At Dr. Dish we stress the importance of getting game-quality reps in, which our machines make much easier. The most important thing here is to set goals and stay committed. Know what you need to work on, but don’t neglect what you’re already great at. Write down your goals and keep track of the progress and your stats to see the improvement.  This is another reason we programmed our smart model Dish's to easily track your shooting percentage based on location and trend.


Another thing to note is the importance of incorporating technology or equipment when possible. Such as taking advantage of a Dr. Dish at your school or a local training facility. Another example would be using a Vertimax to elevate your vertical training, or even more simple, bringing a jump rope to the gym. Our favorite gym add on is another player. Encourage your teammates to get better by shooting them a text when you're headed to the gym. Incorporate your teammates into your workouts or diet goals. 

Now get to work! As we always say, Train Hard, Train Smart, and Train with a Purpose!passion


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