Basketball Quotes: Bill Russell Quotes to Remember on the Court

Dr. Dish Basketball is more than just basketball training. It's a complete basketball lifestyle combining innovative, first-class training equipment with the expertise and knowledge of former players, trainers, and coaches. Dr. Dish is focused on making sure coaches have the tools and knowledge to make their teams and players better and also focused on making sure players train smart, train hard, and train with a purpose. 

When it comes to all-time greats, it's hard to argue against the player with the most Championship rings of all-time. Bill Russell was not only a great player, but a great teammate and competitor who was always focused on being the best he could be on both sides of the floor. Below is a defensive and offensive quote that embodied the way Russell played and how every player should play on the court. These basketball quotes should be taken to heart on and off the court!

Defensive Quote

"Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory." -Bill Russell

bill russell defenseFor most players, getting low and playing in a defensive stance when completely exhausted can be a major struggle. Most agree that defense wins championships, but defense is often less focused on when trying to become a great player on a great team. I can always remember my coaches stressing being tough and focusing when I was fatigued. The reason being is that when you hit that wall, your concentration and focus can quickly go out the door. This leads to missed assignments on the court, defensive lapses, and positional errors.

This is a great quote from NBA great Bill Russell because it eliminates the discussion around what can cause a team to lose or win a close game. Sometimes games come down to the last play and people often correlate the two. In reality, there are a series of small mistakes and mental breakdowns that lead to a team losing or winning a game. Each game includes many mistakes and breakdowns that happen throughout the course of a game. Usually the team that makes the least amount of mistakes is the team that ends up winning the game. This is where the focus and toughness come into play especially on the defensive end. You have to practice this way and you also have to hold yourself accountable for your assignments on the court and as a teammate.

Make sure as a player you are concentrating on everything you need to do throughout a game or practice so that you can do your part in helping your team being successful. Hard work, focus and toughness is contagious so make sure you are spreading the things that your team needs and set an example on defense!

Offensive Quote

"The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I'd made my teammates play." -Bill Russell

bill russell team.jpgWhen I was a young player in high school I thought the only way my team would win was for me to score 50 points. I also thought the only way I'd earn a college scholarship was to do the same. I can tell you that I was wrong in so many ways. I quickly learned that the game was played as a team and that I needed to rely on my teammates as much as they needed to rely on me. I also learned that the better my teammates played, the better I played and we also one games as well. I knew that I needed to work hard in practice so that my teammates would follow and I knew that if we pushed each other to the limit in practice, then we would do the same in games. Depending on what role you have on the team, make sure you always embrace that role and do it to the best of your abilities. 

The toughest thing for coaches to teach players is that individual success comes from team success and that recognition follows as well. The greatest feeling in the world is seeing yourself and players you have been training with succeed and go beyond expectations. Bill Russell was spot on with this quote because it shows how important each player on the team is no matter your role and that when you have a larger role, it's important to make the people around you better and lead by example.

Here at Dr. Dish we make sure that our coaches and players have the tools to achieve their dreams and to reach their full potential. If you want to be the best, you have to train with the best and Dr. Dish Basketball will continue to provide this and more to players and coaches worldwide!

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