Basketball Drills: Isaiah Thomas In & Out Cross Workout

isaiah thomas1.jpgDr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. In this complete workout we will focus on the in and out progression and then also pair that with some ball handling and agility drills.

With Skill Builder, players are able to transition throughout each drill in this workout without having to reprogram the machine or disrupt their flow. Our goal is to develop complete players that are skilled in every area of the game. Our shooting machines paired with Skill Builder allows for coaches and players to incorporate a multitude of other drills outside of shooting including ball-handling, agility, and strength and conditioning drills. We know that players want to be challenged and they want to learn and try new things. This is what keeps players engaged and also keeps them accountable in their training. The great thing with Skill Builder is that coaches and players can select from over 70 workouts already created by Dr. Dish or create their own workouts based on whatever they are seeking to work on. 

Check out the video below breaking down the in and out progression and players see how you can incorporate this move into your bag of tricks!


The first part in this progression we'll focus on the simple in and out move. If done correctly, this move can be a quick and easy way to score points. The best way to execute this move it to sell the misdirection. The hard step the opposite way is what will get the defensive player off balance and freeze them. This is when you can explode for the shot or drive. The most difficult part with the in-and-out move is the placement of your hand on the basketball. You don't want to carry the basketball, but you do want to slide your hand on the basketball side to side. This will give you the fluid movement with the move and and allow you to utilize the second and third options as well. In the video below you can see an example of of how effective the in and out can be if used correctly!




The second progression is adding in the crossover after the in-and-out. After the in-and-out you want to read where your defender is. If they are off balance or frozen then you can attack or shoot the ball, but if the defender tries to predict the move and slides laterally, you'll want to use the crossover going back the opposite way. This is a very common move for NBA and college players because of its effectiveness when executed properly. It's quick enough to do in almost every situation and also very easy to master at every level. Players make sure to focus on executing the in and out first before thinking about the crossover. If you progress into the move to quickly then you may miss a scoring opportunity and also won't set the move up properly. 


The last part of the in and out move that we worked on was incorporating the step back at the end. If you run through the progressions of the move to quickly or you have a defender that is really sound, then this is another added scoring option. At this point in the progression, the defender will be moving laterally or backwards from the in and out or crossover. Adding in the step back at the end will give offensive players the space they need to get a shot. Sometimes the step back is a side step but either or will work. Now this is probably the most difficult scoring option in this progression, but if you practice is continuously then the opportunity to become consistent is there.


In this Skill Builder workout we also included ball-handling and agility drills to not only push players, but to make this a more complete workout working on multiple skills. These added drills incorporate skills that will be needed in game situations and also challenge the player in between shooting drills. The ball-handling portion used two balls and really focused on coordination. The goal in this dribbling drill is to crossover underneath the other ball you are dribbling. Players: try to push yourself and don't worry about making mistakes if you're going hard. In the agility drill we worked on strengthening our lower muscles along with working on explosion. At each cone you want to quickly chop your feet the explode off your outside back foot to the next cone. After the last cone, sprint to the beginning and repeat. Push yourself and make sure to focus on staying low in an athletics position.

For more great Skill Builder workouts please subscribe to our YouTube page. And most importantly make sure to always train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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