Basketball Shooting Drills: Klay Thompson Transition Shooting

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Dr. Dish Basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. With playoff basketball already in full effect, every shot counts for players looking to get their team to the next round. 

One of most exciting teams to watch in the NBA playoffs this year is the Golden State Warriors. Not only do they share the basketball, they also shoot the ball at an incredible rate. Guys like Klay Thompson and Steph Curry will make incredible plays that will have you scratching your head in amazement. There are only a few players in the NBA that would stop at the three point line instead of getting a lay-up on the fast break. One of those players is Klay Thompson. He does a great job of finding his spot on the line and also dribbling into the shot as well. 

In the Skill Builder video below, we will work on several different transition 3 point options and we will also pair that with burpees to work on our strength and conditioning and free throws directly after while we are tired!

Skill Builder: Klay Thompson Transition Shooting 



"W" Transition Shooting

The first transition shooting drill we focused on was the quick catch and shoot. The Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine will make consistent, on time passes in three different locations, and the player will run in a "W" pattern from half court each time. This is a great way to simulate transition shooting and also will work on conditioning as well. Klay Thompson does a great job of running to his spot and making sure his feet are set when he receives the pass. Klay sometimes stops on the three point line in the two-on-one fast break, but most of the time stops on the three point line in the three-on-two situation. If the player dribbling the ball up the court looks to pass early, Klay will stop near the top or wing of the three point line. If the ball-handler is looking to attack and gets deep into the paint, Klay will slide to the open corner to make for an easier pass. Most coaches would prefer players not stop at the three point line, but as players are becoming better shooters we are seeing this happen more often.

Pump Fake

The second transition shooting drill we worked on was the pump fake jab into the one dribble shot. Each time we caught the basketball on the three point line before we made the move. Now this works great if you have a person that knows you're a shooter and is closing out hard. Sometimes the offensive player can get all the way to the hoop but most times there are still a few players in the lane so it's best to pull up for the mid-range shot. Players can use the jab to get the defender sliding a little but if you want to make the action quicker feel free to eliminate the jab.

Quick Dribble Move

The last transition shooting drill we worked on was the quick catch into a single move. This move will be whatever your favorite move is and the move that you can change directions quick with. This is another option to score when the defender is closing out on you. With Skill Builder we combine these shooting drills with burpee drills and also free throw drills in between. This is going to make your training more complete and also simulate the conditioning you need during the game as well as knocking down free throws when you're tired. Coaches feel free to create and add your own drills within this workout depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your players.

For more information on our shooting machines please call 952-873-2633. And like we always say, make sure to train hard, train smart, and train with a purpose!

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