Basketball Drills: Sideline to Sideline Shooting Workout

Dr. Dish basketball is back at it again with another great Skill Builder workout. In this workout, we will focus on shooting on the move from sideline to sideline and we will also incorporate making free throws while we're tired. There are many ways coaches can challenge players within this workout. The goal is to push the player and make sure that they are hitting mental fatigue wall and able to battle that while making meaningful shots.

Check out the full workout below!

Dr. Dish Skill Builder Workout: Side to Side Conditioning

Shooting Drill #1

The first drill focused on shooting two-point jump shots after sprinting in from the sideline. Very rarely do players sprint into a two-point shot and as simple as it seems, it is a difficult shot to make. The goal is to sprint in and stop on a dime for the shot then sprint to the opposite sideline. After touching the opposite sideline the player will once again sprint in for the two-point shot and then repeat until the goal is achieved. Now one great way to challenge the player with this first drill is to speed up the tempo on the Dish. This will force the player to sprint harder and also make shots while tired. 

Shooting Drill #2

The second shooting drill we worked on was the same action, but this time we incorporated the one dribble pull-up. Sprinting sideline to sideline increases the difficulty and once again adds in the fatigue factor. Players make sure to switch up attacking middle using both hands so that you are strong going either way. Make sure that on the pull-up you're square and shoot the ball going straight up and down. Some players will find themselves floating forward and this often times leads to inaccurate and inconsistent shots.

Shooting Drill #3

The third shooting drill followed the same action as the previous ones but for this drill the player will be shooting three-point shots. At this point the player will be pretty tired and fatigue will set in heavy. Players must use their legs and stay low on the catch so that they can explode into the shot. Players: challenge yourself once again with the tempo and also add in some step back threes as well. This will take the shooting drill to the next level. Be sure to shoot the same consistent shot each time so that you practice good habits.

Free Throws

In this Skill Builder workout we also incorporated free throws in between each shooting drill. With Skill Builder the Dish transitions seamlessly through each drill without the need to be reprogrammed. In each of these shooting drills the player will get very tired.  Upon hitting the shooting goal the player will transition into free throws while they are tired. To make the free throw shooting drills even more difficult, feel free to set a goal to make 10 in a row. This will add the pressure factor and also force players to focus when they step to the free throw line. Be sure to stay focused throughout the entire workout and never forget the fundamentals when fatigue starts to kick in!


Running lines will certainly get you into better shape, but it's very valuable to incorporate conditioning with your shooting drills and skill work to maximize your efficiency. This is a great workout to do just that and also challenge players mentally. Not only can you assign complete workouts like this in Skill Builder, but you can track all players' progress in the Dr. Dish Training Management System as well. If you're not using Dr. Dish yet, it's time to join the revolution.

As always: Train hard, train smart and train with a purpose!

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